A Guide to Selecting Key Personnel for a Crisis Communication Team

More and more business owners are realising the benefits of planning for a crisis, when you consider that a business reputation can take many years of hard work to create, yet it can be destroyed in a matter of hours, should an unexpected crisis be dealt with badly. Crisis communication planning means you already have prepared the right responses for a wide range of scenarios, should they ever occur. If you have decided the time is right to take precautions against an unexpected crisis, here are a few key players you need to bring into your team.

  • The CEO – The person in the driving seat should head the team, as they are ultimately responsible for all external communication. Once the team has been chosen, invest in some professional training in crisis communications planning, which will be money well spent.
  • PR Head – Another personnel, the head of your PR team would have the experience to be a key player, as well as being the person who oversees all direct and indirect external communication. This person might also be the company spokesperson, or would delegate that responsibility to team members. It is vital that they are involved in developing communication strategies for a range of scenarios.
  • Company Lawyer – Essential, as he or she can verify that statements are in accordance with the law, and omitting a legal expert could have serious consequence in the event a statement is released without close scrutiny. People are happy to sue whenever they feel their good name is under threat. The greatest of care must be taken when issuing statements. There is a great article online that examines the primary roles of a crisis communication team, which will help you gain a better understanding of what is required so make sure to refer to it.
  • Marketing – At least one key player from the marketing team needs to be included in your crisis communication team, as they are able to ascertain whether or not the crisis will have a negative impact on sales. The marketing specialist can gauge public reaction to certain scenarios, and their input might prove invaluable.
  • Cyber Security – If the crisis involves data theft, or compromise, then you really do need your cyber security expert on the panel, as they can accurately explain the potential consequences, plus explain how to limit the damage caused. Prior to making any statement, or informing affected parties of a data breach, the IT specialist can define exactly what has occurred.

If you are planning to put together a crisis communication team, you should invest in some suitable training. With affordable online courses that put everyone on the same page, you can rest assured that the goals are understood by all team members. This is essential, and should a crisis ever come along, you can minimise the damage by issuing the right statements to the right people at the right time. An online search will help you source a crisis communication planning expert who can help the team to define the parameters of your plan.

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