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5 Tech Tips for Traveling Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s life is never dull. Whether you are starting your business, expanding or building to something bigger, you are likely on the road a lot. The airport is filled with busy entrepreneurs going from meeting to trade show to conference and back again. It’s important when you are traveling a lot to have the […]

Lower Health Risks of Vaping over Smoking

You have probably heard about the rising popularity of vaping, and how it is considered a safer option with lower health risks than smoking. But is this actually true? In this article, I would be tackling exactly this question, putting an end to this highly debatable topic. Smoking has been done for hundreds of years, […]

Is Bankruptcy Possible? Check Out These Chapter 7 Benefits

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one way of eliminating unsecured debt when your monthly payments can no longer be met. A discharge could take care of credit card bills, personal unsecured loans, medical bills, and a variety of other unsecured debt you may have lingering. “The most common type of bankruptcy is Chapter 7. Often referred […]

3 Effective Ways to Use the Split Screen Effect in Business Videos

At first glance the split screen effect may seem like a strange choice to use in business videos. It basically divides the screen into two (or more) parts, and each part will have a separate video playing on it. Over the years however the split screen effect has become a fixture in business videos. That […]

Relationship and Dating Coaching is Hotter than Ever!

There is more people than never before that want to make it online. Becoming a so called digital nomad is a hot trend. For those who is not familiar with the term it’s people whose location is independent and use their technology to perform their job. But how does someone reach success online and where […]