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What You Need to Know About Dealing with Death in the Workplace

As an entrepreneur, you have probably planned for a number of contingencies. However, something you may not be prepared for is having one of your employees pass away. Even if this individual wasn’t someone you were especially close to, it can still be an intense blow for everyone in the company. Due to the impact […]

Why We Listen to Only to Talk

You are very excited about something that happened with you at work. You want to share it with your best friend, but she is going on and on about her upcoming wedding plans. You do let her finish, because you were taught to do so (let the other person speak and not interrupt him/her). You […]

The Golden Rules of Investment Business

Everyone knows Forex trading is one of the most profitable business in the world. Even the large banks and institutions are involved in trading since it allows them to make a decent profit by using the market leverage. But what about the retail traders? Do you think they are able to make a huge profit […]

The Brakes on Your Car: An Essential Safety System

One of the most important systems on your vehicle has nothing to do with allowing you to drive faster or more efficiently. The primary goal of this system is to get you stopped safely, without damaging your car or another vehicle, and to keep passengers and pedestrians safe. Your brakes should always be in excellent […]

Macpaw Gemini 2 Review: The Magic Eraser for Duplicate Files on Your Mac

If you purchased your Mac in the past two or three years, chances are you have a machine with an SSD and flash storage. The amazing benefits of SSDs, like quick bootup times, are well-documented. Along with these great features offered by flash storage comes a major caveat: limited storage capacity. This situation poses a […]