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5 Ways to Make More in Your Finance Career

There’s plenty of room for advancement within the finance industry. With advancement comes higher earnings. As high salaries are one of the main attractors when young professionals choose their career path in finance, it’s important to strategize around the ways you can bolster your wages. From degree concerns to certifications, licenses to communication skills, there […]

Considering Better Options For Productivity In Your Company? Consider This…

Managing a business probably has never been paired in a sentence with easy, but many manage to do it. Increasing productivity is a common goal, no matter the niche one chooses. For employees and business owners alike, productivity should be an extremely imperative topic that should be discussed at meetings and constantly thought of throughout […]

Notary Public’s Role In The Justice System

Notaries Public are usually appointed by an office within the state government where they reside. In Florida it’s the Governor’s Office. The main duty of a notary is to witness signatures on documents of a legal or financial nature. Some documents require the notary to administer an Oath attesting to the validity of the document […]

Bad Video is Still Bad: Production Value by Kestum Bilt

“Are you ready to give it another shot?” No business owner ever wants to hear this seemingly innocuous question, yet Tosh’s web redemption shines a light on subsistent reality – bad video is still bad. Even with consumption rates on the rise, digital video can not overcome boring, bland, or poor execution. In a world […]

7 New Content Marketing Ways

“Technology doubles every 2 years” This is a very common phrase used today which was devised by Moore’s Law. But the truth is that technology doubles every 18 months. The “every 18 month” is not recalled in the memories today because Mr. Moore devised “every 2 year” law and the earlier law just got viral […]