Archives for May 2016

How to Not Ruin Your Startup?

Don’t you want that the business you have started or you are going to start in some time should be very successful and unique. You don’t want it to degrade or lose its popularity because of anything. We have a few tips and tricks for you to follow so that you don’t ruin your startup […]

A Guide to Handling Workplace Injury

Many people who suffer injuries on the job choose not to report it because they fear they may lose their job or receive other repercussions as a result. Fear should never deter you from filing a report at work for serious injuries sustained. But, rather you should treat it the same as if you had […]

How to Start Your Own Metalworking Company

There will always be consumer demand for an end-use industry like metalworking. Following the 2008 global recession, the industry as a whole suffered a downturn. However, in recent years, consumer demand has risen worldwide, especially in Asia, for high-quality metalwork.  The consumer electronics industry and increased need for factory equipment is largely driving this demand. […]

10 Tips to Tackle Assertiveness

We all think we have it under control. Before we enter a meeting, talk to a colleague or generally prepare for anything where we need to take the lead, we think that we’ll be able to take on assertiveness. But then when it actually comes down to it, the majority of us often end up […]

What You Should Know Before Investing in a Restaurant

Reserved seating at the best table whenever you feel like it, a glamorous opening, and delicious meals on the house—yes, investing in a restaurant sounds like a dazzling venture. Restaurants and bars can provide lucrative return on investment for savvy investors, but when you look beyond the initial allure, these investments can be extremely risky. […]