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The Three Golden Rules of Landlord Insurance

Investing in property to become a buy-to-let landlord can be an exciting chapter in your life. It can become a substantial second earning alongside a primary career, or a venture into the business of property letting full-time. What can be said for both though is the mutual stress it can sometimes bring. For that reason […]

Accounting Made Easy – FreshBooks Review

FreshBooks is a service that serves over 5 million businesses worldwide. It is classified as a cloud accounting service. This means that it is the solution for businesses that want to step into the 21st century from the older, traditional methods of bookkeeping such as old school pen and paper. The site itself is pretty […]

Is Machine Learning Changing the Future of SEO? Yes! Here’s How

For years, Google’s algorithm updates have dominated the SEO industry. Every time you’ve got accustomed with an algorithm, a new update rolled out, forcing you to audit your website and rethink your strategy. But, recently a new player has entered the game, and it promises to change the SEO world. Its name? Machine learning. What […]

Top Devices of 2016

Although we’re just a quarter of the way into the year, the world’s top tech companies have already been showing considerable innovation in their bid to increase market share in the highly competitive marketplace. With an impressive array of new smartphones, online roulette gaming devices and even virtual reality innovations, here are the devices that […]

Top 5 Elements of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is currently the most important as well as successful technique used by businesses in order to make their website rank at the top most possible position in Google’s search. SEO is a method used to offer the users the most relevant content and it involves using different techniques in order to optimize […]