Archives for March 2015

Keeping Employees Safe in the Workplace

As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring your employees are aware of the day-to-day risks of the workplace. In additional to financial costs, accidents can have major effects of the attitude of employees in the workplace. And this is all ignoring the worst possible scenario: a potential loss of life that was caused by […]

Best Google Drive Apps for Entrepreneurs

We have mentioned Google Drive several times on this blog, praising it as an amazing cloud storage and document management tool. We love it because it allows you to all of your digital data backup, as well as document creation and editing on the go. Everyone seems to agree with us on this, seeing as […]

Entrepreneur Profile: DUI Law Firm of Seattle, WA

Becoming an attorney requires a lot of education and hard work, and can’t be achieved with the same kind of speed as many start-up business models. However, upon graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, practicing lawyers have a very interesting dilemma to face: Join an existing law firm and get the benefit […]

Why Using the Right Furniture in Your Office is Important

Using the right furniture in your office is important; not just because it looks good when customers walk in but for other reasons such as being comfortable and accessible for your employees and customers. Everyone likes walking into an office that is clean, neat, orderly and an office that has an attractive and comfortable appearance. […]

Find Your Inspiration: Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014

As marketing campaigns have evolved from mildly to highly important during the 20th century, and as they are constantly adapting and changing every single day, it comes as no surprise that today, the most important media battles are waged on social media channels. With the rise of Myspace, Facebook, and especially Twitter and Linkedin, the […]