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Buy One, Give One and the Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship

The original idea behind the Buy One, Give One business model was to marry a commercial endeavor with social value. When a consumer purchased a product or service, the same product or service would be given by the company to an individual in need. This appealed to consumers because they could feel charitable just by […]

3 Business Functions You Can Outsource

Small business owners and entrepreneurs find it difficult to balance multiple hats in their business. If their goal is to scale up, they should probably think about routine business processes and activities that can be subcontracted out or outsourced. In so doing, they get more time at their disposal to take care of business-critical activities […]

Investment Management Advice For Successful Entrepreneurs

In the vast majority of cases, entrepreneurs are born that way; there is something in their psyche, in their DNA, which makes them different from everyone else. However, if they are to nurture and maximize their natural potential, they have to spend many months and years training and learning about the intricacies of their chosen […]

Society’s Debt to Entrepreneurs

Advances in society have been the result of a combination of philosophers, legislators and debate on the one hand; of invention, research and technology on the other. When it comes to practical progress it necessitates finance of course to translate ideas into reality. Some budding entrepreneurs can be frustrated in their efforts to develop their […]

Online Marketing Strategies to Start Focusing on in 2015

In the ever changing world of business, marketing can sometimes make all the difference and can differentiate between a successful and booming company and a growing or fading one. An elaborate marketing strategy incorporates a number of tactics that each work towards a common goal and a more present, visible and recognizable brand. With the […]