Archives for November 2014

Financial Spread Betting on the Rise

Entrepreneurs understand the value of insight more than most. As a breed they’re also hard-wired to target a cash return on everything they do. That’s why more and more financially savvy, entrepreneurially-minded people are taking up the growing trend of financial spread betting. Financial spread betting (FSB) offers a direct means to exploit business insight […]

CEO Stress – Take Some Time to Relax

For many, being a CEO is a dream job; you get to enjoy a high salary and a luxury lifestyle. However, there are downsides; perhaps the most often quoted being the incredible level of responsibility. Admittedly there are all the perks that go with such a high-powered position, but you will also be under tremendous […]

Health Hacks for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial lifestyle has many rewards, but it also brings with it new challenges. It’s easy to feel that any time you take away from working is time you’re stealing from yourself and it can be hard to devote the time you need to your own health. But staying healthy is every bit as important […]

Five Reasons to Look For a Job in Winter

It is never too early to search for your dream job. Contrary to popular opinion, in winter your chances for successful employment are growing the same way as the temperature falls outside! It is not necessary to wait for the spring, because the search for work in winter is really a win-win strategy. Why? You […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Pros and Cons of PEOs

If you’re like many small business owners, administrative tasks aren’t your strong suit. Managing payroll, tax payments, regulatory compliance, recruitment, training, and company policies is a full-time job in itself, and one that can eat away at the time you have to spend building your business and honing your skills. Not to mention, it’s not […]