Archives for July 2013

How to Handle Legal Disputes with Other Businesses

It is a sad fact that in today’s business climate, we will almost all run into a legal dispute with another business.  Even in the online world, there are many situations in which legal disputes can arise with other companies.  Here are some steps you can take to make the experience as painless as possible. […]

The Expert Myth and The Rise of the Generalist

Early in life, we are encouraged to choose a definite path. First, a college major. Later, we will select a specific career. The thinking is simple enough: identify an area of focus, dig into the details, and acquire domain expertise in an attempt to become a specialist. This outlook places the expert at the top […]

Shipping Containers: The Ultimate Alternative Office Solution

For many entrepreneurs and start-ups, finding a good, affordable office space can be difficult. Many choose to transform a room in their home while they get started, but this isn’t always practical or possible, making it hard to get the work-life balance right as the company grows and the need for storage and working space […]

Tumblr for Writers and Bloggers

Tumblr is a commonly used blog platform popular amongst teenagers and those in their 20s. It can be used to create a simple and is free, easily customization platform. Think that Tumblr won’t bring in enough readers? Business Insider lists some of the top Tumblr blogs (which are Tumblr blogs without custom domains) that bring in as […]

Why You Should Be Proud to Be an Entrepreneur

Operating a small business is no easy feat, and there are always people out there that will cock their head to the side when they ask what you do for a living and you say you’re an entrepreneur. There’s even a horrible joke out there that self-employed means unemployed. Where’s the faith in the small […]