Archives for October 2012

How to Stay Secure and Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Despite being on the decline, identity theft and credit card fraud are still among the major sources of fraudulent activity all over the world, and affect the lives of millions of victims every year.  Within the UK, card losses have actually fallen by nearly 45 percent over the past three years to reach a 10-year […]

Saving Money on Business Travel

If you run a small business, the thought of having to travel can be daunting because travelling is expensive.  However, in some businesses, travelling is a necessary fact of life.  Especially when it comes to consulting or similar businesses, you need to be where the client is.  Here are some simple ways that you can […]

Get Out of the Home Office with a Co-Working Space

When starting a new company, you might be stuck working in a home office for a long time. While many entrepreneurs enjoy that, others get sick of the lonely feeling and isolation of working alone at home. While a company office might not be cost-effective, co-working might be a good fit.   What is it? […]