Archives for October 2012

What You Can Deduct from Your Taxes

As a new business owner, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your taxes. Of course, your operations are the priority, but make sure you track everything so you can get the best deductions when April rolls around.   Computer Equipment and Software Every business needs an office. Whether you are working in a […]

How to Give Feedback to an Employee – A Model For Feedback

As a leader, it can be incredibly difficult to give feedback to an employee, especially if it is about poor performance.  However, on the flip side, if you don’t give the feedback, the employee has little chance of improving their performance.  I’ve had to give serious feedback to employees on multiple occasions, even so tough […]

Managing a Business on Vacation

I recently took a 10 day trip out of the country and had almost no email and internet access. Just because I was gone, however, doesn’t mean business took a break. Here are some tips on running your business while out of town.   Pre-Plan Planning ahead is huge. If you have a staff, you […]

Treat Your Business Finances Like a Business

When you have a new business, it is easy to treat the bank accounts like your personal checkbook. Particularly if you have a single owner LLC or sole proprietorship, it might make sense for you to go into your company’s finances for your own personal use, but it is not a good idea to mix […]

Leaving Your Old Job Gracefully

Now that you are a successful entrepreneur, you have to decide when it is right to leave your old job and go with your new one full time. It is not always an easy or straight forward decision.   Can You Afford It? The first question to ask yourself is whether you can afford to […]