10 The Most Famous Casinos in the World

Many people enjoy spending their time and money at some of the best-known casinos around the world. If you happen to be one of them, then we highly recommend visiting at least one of the following suggestions.


1. Mr. Bet

Mr. Bet is an Australian online casino available for players all over the world. It comes with a very nice design and a lot of attractive games. Each week, there are new games added to the list. Not to mention all of the amazing bonuses that you get to enjoy. Visiting an online casino will never be boring once you enter our top pick.

2. Syndicate

Syndicate is yet another amazing online casino. It has a great selection of over 1500 games and a sleek design. What is even more amazing than the games is their customer service. Available 24/7, they are here to answer any of your questions. And if you want some time away from the other players, do join their VIP Club program to gain more benefits and grab bonus now

3. Caesars Palace

This list could not exist without mentioning the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. If you want the whole package, then you have to visit Caesars Palace. Enjoy great food as you take a seat at one of the slots or enter a poker room.

4. The Bellagio

If Caesars Palace is not the right place for you, then you should visit the Bellagio. Maybe you remember seeing the Bellagio on TV where they host the World Poker Tour each year. Now you have a chance to play at those very same tables yourself. Book a ticket to Las Vegas and enjoy yourself.

5. Venetian

If you ever happen to visit China, do go to Macau to take a look at the Venetian casino. The Venetian casino has over 800 poker tables and 3400 slot machines. You should not worry about not getting a nice seat and enjoy a game or two.

6. City of Dreams

The City of Dreams is another great option while visiting Macau. With the many restaurants, nightclubs, and even spas, this certainly is a place to relax.

7. Casino Baden-Baden

Germany also has some great casinos to be proud of. One of them, as the name suggests, is located in Baden-Baden. According to the German actress Marlene Dietrich, this is the world’s most beautiful casino. And she is not far from the truth, we can give her that.

8. Sun City

In the heart of Rustenberg, South Africa, you will find the famous Sun City casino. Other than the classical games, Sun City has a gaming school. Each beginner is advised to visit it before they take their seat at the poker table. That way, they can learn all about casino etiquette and gambling techniques.

9. WinStar World Casino

Oklahoma has its 600,000 feet WinStar World Casino to invite you in. If you ever wondered where the largest casino in the USA was, you now have the answer. From 100 table games and gaming machines to a bingo hall, this casino has it all.

10. Foxwood

Foxwoods is a great place to spend your bachelorette’s night if you are living in Connecticut. While it does offer a wide range of games, it also comes with a bowling hall and shopping malls. In Foxwoods, there is something for everyone.


From online to real-life casinos, our list has it all. Visit one of the 10 amazing suggestions to have a great time and make some memories. The money will be just a huge bonus to the whole experience!

Author: Nick_Chong https://twitter.com/_Nick_Chong 

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