5 Bingo Game Strategies That Work

In a gambling world that is dominated by the popularity of slots, punters may have forgotten that Bingo is still holding firm in the minds of the public. Bingo Halls across the land are still popular and many people play the game because they enjoy the socializing. It still is a winner with more females than males and this applies to online bingo too. This form of free bingo games has actually breathed new life into this game that has an interesting history. 

The History Of Bingo 

Like most forms of gambling, bingo has a rich history that dates back to 1530. In fact it is thought that bingo is closely linked to an Italian lottery that was in operation around this time.  bingo is believed to be a direct spin off from this lottery. The game made its way slowly to the UK and by the 18th century, it was being played up and down the land. Eventually, the game hit other markets and also landed in the US. 


It is thought that the French helped change the game and shape it into the form that is played now in bingo halls and online and again this version of bingo we have today, was born from Le Lotto, a popular lottery that was exclusive to France.

Modern Times 

The modern game is now played in bingo halls that resemble bars and music and alcohol accompany the game. Most bingo is played online and this is where strategies come into play. 

1 Sign Up Offers 

When you join new casinos that are more bingo focused, chances are that you will be given a generous welcome package that includes a certain amount of free bingo games. Using these free tickets can increase your chances of winning. 

2 Free Bingo Times 

All bingo sites allocate a certain time in the day for free bingo games, these can range from 6 to 36 free tickets. Although many people take up these offers, they are still worth participating in. 

3 Off Peak Bingo 

If you are available at off peak times where there are less people in the bingo rooms then this can increase your chances of winning. If you put all your bingo playing resources into these time periods, then the decreased number of players can be advantageous to you. 

4 Bankroll 

Managing your bankroll is important and you should start by setting aside an affordable amount of bingo funds to play with for each day, or week or month. This budgeting will influence the bingo games you can play and how many tickets you buy. Never go over your permitted budget in one session and only spend what you can afford. Don’t forget to cash out when you win. 

5 When The Fun Stops, Stop 

If luck is simply not on your side, instead of betting in frustration, it is best to step away and have a break. This way you do not play in anger and chase your losses.

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