8 Irritating Things About Your Website That Can Drive Visitors Away

Every website owner wants to attract as many visitors to their website as possible. To this effect, various SEO techniques will be implemented on the website. But, despite the best of intentions, it is possible that some mistakes will creep into the overall design and structure of the website. Let’s take a look at a few irritating things about a website that can drive visitors away.

Too Much Text

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People like to look at something that is easy on the eyes and does not strain them. When it comes to websites, many owners make the mistake of stuffing too much textual content on the web pages. This is a bad design strategy. The excessive textual content will make the website look too congested. So, keep the text of your content to a minimum. You can then put a link for ‘more information’ below the brief description. By doing so, you will keep the website clean from blocky texts while also allowing visitors who wish to know more information to click on the link.

Vague Content

Another thing that can push away visitors from your site is the vagueness of the website. If a visitor has come to your website, it is because they are seeking some sort of information. As such, they will be browsing through the site quickly to locate what they are searching for. If your website is too cluttered and mentions too many things, then the visitor might get frustrated and may leave the site. So, always have a very clear idea of what content you wish to publish on the website and ensure that anyone who visits your website can easily understand its message. 

Confusing Navigation

When a visitor checks your website, they will browse through it to know more about what the site has to offer. As such, if the navigation of your website is too complex and confusing and the visitor is unable to find the information they are looking for, they will most likely give up and close your site. To avoid such issues, ensure that the website navigation is designed in such a way that a visitor will easily be able to click through the various links and find out the necessary information.


If there is something that can make a person detest a brand, it’s over-advertising. When people visit your website, it is out of curiosity and interest. As such, all you have to do is to present your website in a way that spikes their interest even more and makes them take a positive action towards product sale, newsletter signup, service subscription, etc.  But, if you have structured your website in a way that the customer is constantly bombarded with messages of buying your product or service, then that will be a big turn-off for them. In fact, the visitor will likely interpret the over-advertising as a sign that you are selling something very cheap. As a result, they might decide not to visit your web page ever again.

Too Many Fonts

Sometimes, owners tend to get carried away by their desire to make their website very attractive and end up using too many fonts on their website. This can also be a big turn-off for many website visitors. Too many fonts can make the text content look all jumbled up and disunited; it can give off a very confusing vibe. As such, try to use only two or three different fonts on a web page and make sure that these fonts mix well together. Never stuff your website with too many fonts; that is just an overkill.

Slow Loading Speed

If your website loads very slowly, then you will inevitably lose a lot of visitors even the visitors who are specifically looking to buy your product. As per various estimates, people generally tend to get frustrated if a website takes longer than three to five seconds to load. So, test your website loading speed across various devices. If you see that your site’s loading speed is very slow, then make the necessary changes to ensure that it’s fast.

Information Is Outdated

Imagine that you wish to learn about ethical hacking. Would you go for a source that speaks about topics that are dated and have no validity either at present or in the future? No, obviously not. This is applicable to your website as well. If the visitors find that your website mostly contains information that might have been useful five or ten years ago but has no benefit now, then they will never visit the website again since it does not provide any value to them. So, whenever you publish content on your site, ensure that it is relevant to people at present. Plus, you should also check the published content on a regular basis and update them with the latest information.

Not Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are now one of the predominant devices people use to access the web. But unfortunately, some website owners are still stuck in an outdated world where the focus was only on pleasing desktop website visitors. This strategy will only result in your website being neglected by a large number of smartphone users. After all, if your site does not load very well on smartphones and it is difficult to use, why would mobile users waste their time on your website? As such, it is necessary that any website you build should automatically load very well on smartphones. And, if you already have a website, then talk with your designer and go for the necessary changes to make the site more adaptable on mobile devices.

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