Young Entrepreneurs Who Brought a Revolution


Entrepreneurship is one of the most featured attractions for escaping the job pressure in today’s world. It’s quite more complex than its spelling but, surely, it is a thrilling way of leading life. This doesn’t mean each and every individual who wish to become successful entrepreneurs do live their dream. There are many startups around the world which lack profit and hence fall prey to cumbersome debt conditions. Failing to be undertaken by some other stable companies, such startups are forced to be closed on an immediate account. Hence, a good startup requires a elite business minded entrepreneur which has a new formula to make its market and also a handful of fortune. Here are the some of the young entrepreneurs, below the age of 30 years, which the world has witnessed over the years:

  1. Mark Zuckerberg: One of the famous personalities of the modern era. Mark is an American entrepreneur who is the co-founded and the present CEO of the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook. Mark has always been a determined coder since his school days. Only 26 years old, this man is currently owning 24% of Facebook and has already bagged 6.9 billion dollars. Way to go, Mark.
  2. Dustin Moskovitz : We all know who was the first who landed on the moon and never cared about the second or the third. Dustin was one of the co-founders of Facebook along with Mark. However, he left the Facebook team in the year 2008. Being a 26 years old guy, Dustin set his own company called Asana, which helps in tackling the problems faced during collaborations. It is interesting to know that Asana is just in Beta mode and yet the man became the owner of a whopping 1.4 billion dollars. Wow!
  3. Andrew Mason: Andrew Mason is the founder and CEO of the online business, Groupon. Most of you haven’t yet heard about this site. But there’s no harm is knowing about the achievement of this young chap, right? Founded in 2008, this company’s graph is an increasing one and this company releases new Groupons to its customers to buy their products at discounted prices. Andrew is just 29 years old and is the owner 600 million dollars.
  4. Matthew Mullenweg : Matthew is the founder as well as the developer of the famous WordPress. The funnier part of this persons life is that he was never interested in technical stuffs. He began performing arts at his school, learnt to play Jazz saxophone. And with a swap of time, became the creator of the world’s largest blogging website. He is only 26 years old and is the owner 250 million dollars.
  5. Blake Ross: Blake is an American software developer and is the creator of the famous Web browser Mozilla Firefox. In 2005, he was even nominated, for his work, for the Wired Magazines top Rave Award. Blake is also the co-founder of Parakey, which was later bought by Facebook. Blake is a 25 years old boy who currently owns 150 million dollars.

These are some of the world famous young entrepreneurs who managed to turn out into IT giants. The common speciality in them was that they never gave up. Since ups and downs are a part and parcel of human lives, they overcame them with utter dedication and self motivation. Hope you can guys find it inspiring.

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