How to Write an Essay about Yourself for College

Introduce your dreams

When writing an essay about you and going to college, the first step is introduce the readers to your dreams and about the future with reference to professional careers. Everyone wants to go to college, so the writer should make sure that readers understand what is special about going to college. At this point it may also be important to mention a few role models that inspire the decision to take a certain course and certainly joining the career of choice through a specific college.


Introduce the college

The author should try and make the first statements about their college of choice, factual. This underlines the baseline information to help the readers connect with the content and have a visual idea of the college. Then the writer should go ahead and explain as to why they choose this college to take their studies.

Merge the dreams and the college

After the reader is informed of the positive attributes and elements that make the college of choice stand out, the writer can now bring out their opinion and aspirations. This is a crucial part as it helps the readers form a wholesome idea about the college and the writer. As such using this new direction of the narrative, the writer can now merger the dreams that they have for college and show the reader how the college they have chosen will help them achieve these dreams. At this point, the writer should be trying to make the readers understand their aspirations and what they expect from the college. As such, the writer should use descriptive language that helps the readers connect with the dreams of the writer, while at the same time reflecting on their own.



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