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Browsing job sites for the employment, you may notice that some of them are posted directly by the employers and some by recruitment agencies. In the first case, it is clear that the company is looking for someone to fill the vacant positions, in the second case it is not. It happens that on the same site the same position is put by the employer and his representative from the recruitment agency. So, if you have noticed that the description of the two vacancies in the ads are the same at JobTonic in Houston jobs, it is better to check in advance whether we are talking about one post, otherwise you can go to the “extra” interview.

What is the role of recruitment agencies?

Recruitment agency, acts as a filter to put away the unsuitable candidates, and the company-employer receives a list of selected applicants that are the most suitable for the vacant position as a result.

Are recruitment agencies worth applying to?

It is not necessary to be afraid of vacancies published by recruitment agencies, the same as to apply to them directly through the website of the agency. Employment agencies are interesting due to the fact that sometimes they hold the selection of the candidates for the “exclusive” job that companies are not willing to advertise (it is mostly about the managerial positions of middle and senior managers), or when people are looking for small offices of western vendors at good wages. In addition, the agency can help to “promote” your candidacy in a large corporation, which it is almost impossible to reach: in these companies the flow of incoming e-mail with resumes is so large (and it is together with spam) that your email may get lost easily.

Employment agencies represent the interests of employers who pay for agency services (usually 15-20% of the annual income found through an agency employee). Therefore, if an agency asks you to pay for its services and / or access to some “top-secret base jobs” – this is most likely a fraud, and you’d better find another agency.

What are the guarantees of a successful search?

The guarantee that you will get found on the Internet does not mean you will get the job – everything will depend on how you show yourself at the interview.

For jobs search, the Internet is a wonderful tool in all aspects. There is no need to buy a ton of newspapers, search for interesting ads, phone the companies trying to invite yourself for an interview. It is enough to sit at the computer, compose a resume, upload it to a couple of dozen websites – and wait for the “fish”. Don’t miss your chance to find your position with the help of Jobtonic.com, as it is your helpful assistant in the job hunting. To answer the questions of employers you can by e-mail or even through ICQ, as it is a blessing that an IM communication is not considered only for young people, and it is fully used by serious managers. Before the interview, the recruiter may be asked to perform a test task – for example, to write a small note in the genre of reportage or make a color correction of the photos. The results of work can be sent by e-mail, so as not to waste time on a trip to the office and back.

Keep trying!

But there’s no guarantee that you will get the found on the Internet job, as the work worldwide network does not give such guarantees. Everything will depend on how you show yourself at the interview. Here every detail plays its role – how you are dressed, and the way you answer the interviewer’s questions, and how you behave. The main thing is to not be afraid and not to be nervous, and then on the stupid question of the Director of Human Resources, “How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?” You can confidently and with a smile reply: “Very simple: open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe and close the door”.

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