Wisdom Is Crucial To Gaining Knowledge

Wisdom is a virtue and cognition that comes with reasoning and experience. Wisdom is profound when it comes to individuals seeking it through deep thoughts, perception, and developing thinking ability. There is only a positive aspect of wisdom. The application of knowledge can be positive or negative depending on what encourages the thought process of the individual mind. Numerous philosophers in knowledge and wisdom quotes have evinced the essence of knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge comes through learning, wisdom can be acquired only if you are seeking it. 

What is wisdom in daily life?

Knowing to know to do the right thing and live with compassion, kindness, and love in the heart. Wisdom cannot be sought harboring negative thoughts and emotions in the heart. Virtues are of the highest moral value and acquired due to wisdom of right living, right thinking which leads to right decision making in various aspects of our life. Living with wisdom gives lesser regrets and reasons for disappointments as every step of our life is put forward with sound reasoning and not whim or impulse. 

Is Wisdom Intelligence?

Wisdom is not intelligence but a higher cognition and reasoning that comes with consciously wanting to do the right thing. Wisdom eliminates doubt, fear, envy, anxiety, and uncertainty. It provides clarity on complex issues of life we deal with. It brings inner peace, a stable mind, and emotions. It cuts down restlessness, the negative cycle of emotions and thoughts we tend to repeat over and commit the same mistakes. 

Wisdom is not only love or compassion towards fellow beings but also animals, birds, but everything in nature. It is understanding the essence of nature and showing regard for all that constitutes it. It goes beyond religion, philosophy, and leads to spiritual living, and famous spiritual healing quotes like the ones on LotsofZen almost always reflect this. With wisdom, you look past the limitations of societal norms and break away from the strictness of following a paradigm that does not involve love and compassion for the dejected and deplorable. 

The Truth of Wisdom

Wisdom is not about chasing after happiness, inner peace, or learning to make wise decisions alone. It comes through practicing self-restraint and embracing life with the understanding that sorrow and pain are a part of life. Practicing mindfulness leads to wisdom that lets you rise about basic instincts and running after desires and temptations. Wisdom lets you differentiate between right and wrong and is not about being self-righteous. Understanding that at every step life is teaching us something and imbuing with being non-judgemental and compassionate leads us to higher paths.

Knowledge and wisdom shape our life paths

Ups and downs are a part of our lives. Wisdom changes your perception about various life events which is different from any other person having varying temperaments and perceptions. A person who makes the right use of knowledge and wisdom achieves not only material success, inner peace, good associations, personal growth, but becomes enlightened spiritually. Rationality is yet another aspect when knowledge and wisdom are used together constructively.

It gives one a liberal thought process of not dwelling on the past and living in the present and to experience life with thoughtful actions. It gives an individual a reasoned strategy to deal with various ordeals of life. Forming a justified and well-reasoned belief system can let you sort every situation in life. Knowledge about a person’s behavior and the wisdom to deal with their drawbacks with compassion is a good example of a constructive blend of knowledge and wisdom.

Virtues as a result of Wisdom

Arrogance, false pretense, self-deceit, self-righteousness, and self-denial are some of the attributes that occur in a person when they lack the essence of wisdom. A wise person does not know it all and therefore does not showcase the quality of arrogance regardless of how much knowledge they possess. 

Your understanding of yourself and others becomes well-rounded without an element of impulse or whim. It helps you rationalize your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. A knowledgeable and wise person does not suffer from irrational thoughts, unreasonable emotional needs, or thoughtless actions. Pretending to know something that one has not studied is a sign of ignorance and self-denial. 

Knowledge and reasoning

Gaining knowledge of any subject is an individual choice. With sound and intuitive reasoning, knowledge is applied for good purposes. Knowledge is the truths about the subject that is a consequence of logical and intuitive reasoning. Knowledge is knowing facts, truths, possibilities, limitations on various subjects of the choice of interest. Wisdom is beyond intelligence but not intelligence per se. Knowledge is information with no absoluteness. Yet, its application with good judgment to lead a good life is the use of wisdom to apply the knowledge gained. 

Understanding nature and reality

Wisdom is paradoxical. To understand that you are not as wise as other wise people is wisdom. It opens up your mind to explore deeper subjects of life. The hunger to reach higher levels of wisdom lets you dig deeper and never satiates your mind with the knowledge it possesses. Wisdom tells you how to feel and what to do about those feelings. It lets you rationalize your feelings and regulate your emotional reactions. With self-knowledge you gain insights about your feelings and let you classify them into rational and irrational, preventing further development of irrational thoughts, fears, and intense emotions creating an imbalance in life. 

Wisdom is Intellectual

Intelligence lets you analyze any circumstance accurately and helps you in making the right decisions. Right reasoning with the right desire results in virtuous actions and results. It eliminates unreasonable desires and needs leading to destructive pursuits. As much as pleasurable pursuits are essential and healthy, it takes wisdom to put a leash on overindulgence of any kind. 

Intellect is higher learning and reasoning and cannot always be applied in everyday life situations. Intellect is different from intelligence. Intelligence gives understanding and reasoning not necessarily from books but their intelligence, thinking, curiosity, and mental ability to understand and deal with various life challenges. 

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