Why Your Business Needs A Digital Asset Management Tool

As your business grows more extensive and more successful, there are likely to be lots of different moving parts, and without organization, things can fall through the cracks or become more complicated than they need to be. Marketing, and therefore your digital assets, is an example of this. By utilizing Digital Asset Management tools, you can streamline many of your marketing department processes and increase efficiency in the workload, and therefore overall productivity and success. 

Organizing files

Poorly organized files cost businesses so much time and cause employees so much unnecessary stress. Perhaps you have some of your digital assets on Google Drive, some stored on local files, and some on Dropbox, and when someone is in a hurry and looking for something specific, they don’t know where to start. Maybe they are all saved in one place, but there are different versions, some old, some outdated, with confusing file names. Taking the time to properly organize your documents into a system that makes sense and is easily searchable will save so much time in the long run.

Control access and usage rights

Your brand reputation is incredibly important and something that takes a long time to build, but only a few careless clicks to destroy. With DAM, you can set it so that everyone only ever has access to approved assets that they need – you can even track the sharing history once the asset has been shared or set expiration dates to keep things clean and straightforward, giving you more control over your brand. You can eliminate assets that are no longer relevant or outdated and avoid anything that hasn’t been signed off by the appropriate parties ever being used by mistake. 

Save time by downloading different formats.

No one has time to be working out standard sizing for different formats and then changing an asset to fit the correct canvas. You want something where you can select the usage and download channel-specific forms to match perfectly every time. This will help you publish content quickly and efficiently while always maintaining consistent professionalism. The internet is incredibly fast-paced, and consumers are expecting things ever quicker, so you need to be able to stay ahead of the game. 

Spend time where it matters

Rather than managing content, searching for assets, and editing files, you should be focusing on delivering the best customer experience and growing your business. A Digital Asset Management system allows various teams to work collaboratively across channels, quickly and easily, without worrying about utilizing outdated content and making costly mistakes. It allows creativity to reign, rather than cumbersome logistics, and making the processes smoother for your employees means that they have the headspace for innovative ideas, not searching through folders. 

As you can see, a Digital Asset Management tool is something that can really streamline a lot of marketing work in your company and make things much easier and more efficient for your employees. 

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