Why The Customer Experience is Vital in 2024?


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The pandemic’s effects have been more far-reaching than anyone could have predicted. So-called “COVID fatigue” has left consumers concerned about their finances and futures. Going into 2024, customers will be looking for uplifting experiences. 

Brands that deliver some respite from COVID concerns and focus on an outstanding customer experience will come out on top. That much is clear from research conducted by Forrester, but how does that translate for businesses? 

In this article, we’ll look at the critical element that businesses must excel at to succeed in 2024 – the digital customer experience. 

Digital Delivery is Key

The pandemic changed the way we shop. It forced 49% of consumers in the United Kingdom and more than 60% of consumers in America to shop online for the first time. In addition, over a third of consumers in both countries upgraded their home’s digital capabilities during this time. 

What this means for businesses is that the digital age is firmly entrenched. Those consumers who had to be dragged into the digital era have now arrived, and they won’t revert to their old habits soon. 

Businesses that still use outdated legacy systems or don’t review their online strategies will soon fall behind. 

Your Shortcut to Digital Supremacy

This is something that big businesses have been preparing for over the last few years. Small to medium enterprises, however, are more likely to have been caught unawares. While their size is a definite advantage when it comes to maneuverability, many lack the resources to institute the kinds of change required. 

Many lack the capacity to provide 24/7 support that new digital natives may require. The cost of acquiring the technology to implement the requisite systems and the increasingly competitive job market may also prove daunting. 

Fortunately, startups and other small businesses have access to a cost-effective solution. Outsourcing their customer service provides them with instant access to the technology and expertise that they require. 

Why Outsourcing is the New Normal

The digital revolution has changed the way that we shop, but it’s also shifted the work environment significantly. With remote working becoming more widespread, employees have job options outside of their geographical location.

Businesses now also have access to a far wider pool of talent. In addition, Digital technology allows companies to outsource their call centers to highly professional organizations globally without any negative impact on their clients. 

Thanks to new technology, it’s possible for businesses to now support their clients 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of running an in-house team. In addition, with many companies now understanding the importance of providing a flawless customer experience, the importance of the client help desks is at an all-time high. 

Whereas before this function was relegated to a new employee learning the ropes, it’s now recognized as a vital touchpoint. As a result, third-party providers are now building expert teams to allow companies access to the expert support they need. 

Outsourcing allows firms the flexibility they need to upscale their operations and improve their capabilities cost-effectively. 

How Does Outsourcing Customer Service Work? 

Business owners may at first be reluctant to entrust such an important task to a third-party provider. This is understandable, as doing so entails relinquishing some control. There may be concern over: 

  • Quality control
  • Brand consistency
  • Security
  • The correctness of information

Brands may alleviate these concerns by understanding more about how the process works and how to partner with the right third-party provider. 

The correct provider will always work with the brand to build a custom solution. They’ll take time to understand the company’s operations and goals. They’ll also be completely transparent about issues like quality control and security. 

A company that cares about the brand it represents ensures that its consultants are able to immerse themselves in the brand values. They provide complete training on the products and also ensure that their consultants are able to access the information that they require. 

Finally, they provide their clients with comprehensive reports and the capability to listen in on calls or access any communication with clients. 

In short, the right service provider sees themselves as an extension of your business. Therefore, they make it a priority to help you succeed. 

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