Why Marketing Analytics are the Missing Ingredient in your Business

Are you looking for that one missing ingredient that will take your business marketing to the next level?

We’re here to tell you that by incorporating marketing analytics tools into your business – you could significantly boost your marketing.

In fact, there’s one expert tool in particular that could be your missing ingredient…

Read on to find out the top analytics tool you need, and the various benefits it can bring.

The top marketing analytics tool you need

Introducing call tracking software.

This software provides expert tracking for every customer call across all your campaigns and offers unique analytics for your marketing performance.

With every call you receive, the software will show which marketing sources generated this call, as well as all the touchpoints visited before, during, and after the call.

The software uses dynamic phone numbers so you can accurately attribute each website visitor call to the various activities, campaigns, and channels that drove the interaction.

On top of that, you’ll also receive a variety of analytics focused on different areas of your marketing. For example, this can include the conversions from your calls to action, your visitor to call ratio, your landing page effectiveness, and even an expert feature for analysing call conversations.

When it comes to gaining the most in-depth understanding of your marketing effectiveness, call tracking is the best analytics tool for the job!

What call tracking can bring to your business

Call tracking can bring a whole host of benefits to your business, including:

Complete Marketing Visibility

The software offers complete visibility over every area of your marketing, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in each campaign.

You’ll be able to see the number of leads and sales being generated from each activity, including those that produce immediate calls, and those which contribute to funnelling customers further down to a point of sale.

All this data can be clearly displayed and accessed from one central platform, which you can organise to be as efficient as you need.

The software will show the total value being brought to your business from every campaign, and these reports are important when deciding on future strategies to build your brand further.

Increasing your PPC Conversions

Call tracking can also help you increase conversions from your paid ads.

With each pay-per-click (PPC) ad, you’ll know how effectively conversions are being generated, and which ads are failing to deliver a sufficient number of calls.

As a result, you can restructure your PPC ads to ensure your most effective activities are receiving the most development from your strategies. This can ensure they continue to deliver high numbers of conversions.

You could also analyse these ads to find out what aspects make them so successful, so you can then carry these over to your less engaging ads. This can have the effect of increasing these conversions also and giving the ads a similar level of engagement.

Bring More Value to Your Budget

You can also use call tracking to bring more value to your marketing budget and optimise your return on investment.

The software can identify which areas of your marketing are performing well, and which aren’t. This can help you more accurately direct your budget, with more resources going towards your successful activities, and less towards your underperforming campaigns.

This can result in more value returning from your investment, in the form of increased conversions and sales. This can also help you reserve more revenue for your business to develop other areas further.

Now you know what your business’s missing ingredient is, make sure you contact a professional call tracking provider to begin taking your business to new heights.

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