4 Reasons Why PPC Should Form Part of Your SEO Strategy

Both PPC advertising and SEO are focused on generating more traffic to your website. There are two main differences between them when it comes to these components of digital marketing, however. 

Firstly, SEO is free (unless you rope in an SEO company to assist you), while pay-per-click advertising costs money (you can dictate your own budget and you generally pay per click, hence the name). 


Secondly, SEO is a long-term process that delivers favorable results over time, while PPC promises results that are pretty much instant.

When putting an online marketing strategy together, most business owners will ask themselves which is better – SEO or PPC? The truth is that neither is better than the other, nor should they exist in isolation. Ultimately, the best possible approach to generating more website traffic is to incorporate a combination of both into your strategy. Here’s why. 

PPC provides you with valuable data to improve your SEO 

Just like SEO, PPC revolves around targeting certain keywords and key phrases. After selecting keywords for your website, it can take months to discover whether or not you are making progress from a rankings perspective and how frequently potential customers are searching using those words. 

With PPC, on the other hand, you will have access to helpful conversion data a lot sooner and will have the opportunity to put your chosen keywords to the test, thus making it possible for you to fine-tune your SEO efforts in the process. 

PPC is predictable and a valuable safety net 

Google is forever changing its algorithms, so what worked for your website last year, might not prove quite as effective this year. Keeping up with SEO demands is a full-time job and even if you dedicate hours and hours to perfecting it each month, if you are not up to date with developments, your efforts could still be in vain. PPC is a lot more predictable and can act as a safety net if your SEO is not delivering the expected outcomes. 

SEO will always have plenty of twists and turns in store; however, if you are consistently struggling to hit the mark, it is always a good idea to hand over the reins to an expert SEO company, such as clickintelligence.co.uk

PPC works together with SEO to maximize brand awareness 

Whether it is through paid or organic means, appearing on the first page of Google is excellent for maximizing brand awareness and visibility. If your brand appears twice on the first page of Google, organically and as an ad, you can be sure that your brand awareness will double as a result. It is also a great approach for optimizing brand authority and fostering consumer trust. 

PPC and SEO help to increase conversion rates 

The chances of a conversion taking place are much higher when your website receives a significant number of hits. Therefore, business owners should take full advantage of any and every opportunity to direct potential customers to their website, whether it is through PPC, SEO, or both! 

SEO and paid search have a symbiotic relationship – embrace it, leverage it … and you will be sure to reap the rewards.

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