Why Entrepreneurs Need Technology

If you plan to make it as an entrepreneur, you should know that it’s not as glamorous as certain people make it out to be. When you hear about a rapper starting their own label or creating their own tequila brand, you should understand the hard work that it has taken for them to get to that point. You require every possible advantage you can get if you plan to reach successful entrepreneurial status.


Technology is one thing you can harness and use to your advantage if you one day want to plant your flag and make your name a known entity within a particular industry or niche. Without utilizing technology at every turn, your climb to the top becomes a lot more difficult.

Let’s look at ways technology can help budding entrepreneurs who are trying to establish themselves.

Customer Support Automation

Let’s say you’re trying to make it as an entrepreneur, and that includes creating your own clothing line. That’s a fairly typical scenario since many would-be entrepreneurs consider themselves to be fashion-savvy.

You will need to be there to answer customer questions when they come up. Maybe a product did not satisfy a buyer as well as they thought it would, and they have queries or complaints about it. You can set up a call routing system to direct their calls to the different places they need to go.

You might also set up AI-infused chatbots on your website. They can answer the more basic customer questions and direct site users to live operators if the chatbot cannot address their concerns satisfactorily.

If you’re trying to make it as an entrepreneur, and your staff are using tablets and other devices for everyday tasks, you can use Google Workspace and similar productivity platforms. These software suites contain all kinds of tools you should find advantageous.

What Else Can Project Management Software Do for You?

As an entrepreneur, you probably have all kinds of deadline-specific tasks. You might start every month by setting up a rigid schedule for what you’d like to accomplish. Maybe you do it by quarter instead, but setting deadlines will motivate you and those who you’ve hired to help you.

We mentioned Google Workspace, but there are several different project management software options that should help you reach your goals promptly. You might also look into Wrike, Celoxis, or LiquidPlanner. Each one has its positives and negatives, so you’ll probably need to do a little research to determine which option will suit you best.

With the right project management software, you and your team can smoothly manage initiatives by splitting them into separate tasks. You can facilitate the best team member communication and create realistic timelines. You can analyze productivity as well, so you know what strategies are working and which ones aren’t as your company becomes more well known.

Financial Management

As an entrepreneur, you’re trying to make as much money as possible, but you’re also attempting to use your financial resources as intelligently as you can. You won’t have unlimited funds to do whatever you want, and you’ll need to stretch every dollar, especially in the beginning when you’re working on getting your ideas off the ground.

You might find yourself approaching a venture capital firm or an angel investor about getting a cash infusion. When you do so, technology is your best friend.

You can use a software suite to create a presentation that should excite and captivate the potential investor. You might use YouTube to craft a video that shows them your vision. You may set up a slideshow, or perhaps you’ll want to have a sample product you can show them before you mass-produce it.

Without the tech to make that presentation possible, you’re left merely talking about it. Without technology-assisted visual aids, no one is likely to get on board with what you’re saying.

Other Technological Innovations

You can also use the latest financial tools to help you in your day-to-day entrepreneurial tasks. For instance, if someone gives you a check to pay for one of your services or products, you can use your bank’s phone app to deposit it. You can use their app to transfer money from one account to another if you need to pay for some business expenses.

You can use your bank’s app to ask questions via their chatbot if you need to know when a check will clear. You can also use your smartphone’s facial recognition software to unlock your phone when you need to communicate with your team members.

Your HR Department

You’ll want an HR department that can help run your new company. They can deal with various administrative functions, such as new staff hiring, recruiting, and interviewing.

They will certainly need tech to do all of that. These days, your HR team might use video chatting to interview a new team member. They may hire someone online without ever meeting them in person.

They can also use a software suite to handle your employee onboarding process. That way, you can instruct your new worker on what they can expect when they work for you.

When your HR department uses technology, they can help run your company, which you won’t be able to do on your own. Having them assisting you in creating your vision is part of what should make your business model a success.

It should be pretty obvious now that no entrepreneur can make it to the top without technological innovations to help them at every step of the way. From website creation to fundraising to new employee hiring, the latest tech does more than make your life easier. Without it, you would not be able to realize your vision and propel yourself to the top of your niche.

You’ll need to respect technology and educate yourself about it if you have not done so yet. It’s an ongoing process since new tech is always coming out that businesses and leaders can use to their advantage.

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