Here’s Why Children Should Learn Coding

Parents face a lot of pressure when it comes to balancing readying their children for adulthood while also letting kids play. Children learn a lot of invaluable things through self-discovery while playing, and of course, fun is its own reward. 

That’s why it’s so great when children don’t have to pick between fun and learning, as activities which prepare them for the workforce can be stimulating and productive. Read on to learn more about why children should learn to code.

Make a Video Game

The best kids coding classes allow children to make their own video game, which is a goal that will drive them onwards. Even children as young as seven can begin to learn languages professional coders use, like Python. 

The key is to find a platform with small classes, as teachers can be more effective with smaller groups. When the subject matter is foreign, and the children are young, the smaller the ratio of students-per-teacher, the better.

Look to have a maximum of four students per online class, and your kid can learn to make a video game they can be proud of. 

STEM Skills

Young children don’t need workforce skills today, but they will need them eventually. Learning to code is a major way to boost your child’s STEM skills, as it imparts mathematical knowledge about concepts like integers, 3D vectors, and even trigonometry!

Your child will absorb these skills without even realizing they’re in a class. The leading platforms have teachers who are undergrads or post-grad students in subjects like Computer Engineering. This way, they’re experienced enough to know what your kid will face if they decide on a future in coding while being young enough to have grown up playing video games.

STEM skills are important, but only if kids are having fun.

Safe and Productive

Who couldn’t use a new, fun, and safe activity right now that you can take up inside your home? After a brutal year unlike any other, any diversion that helps you feel good and stay safe is wonderful.

It’s a bonus when this same activity promotes critical mental faculties and teaches skills that will be useful in countless ways. Online coding classes can be taken from the safety of your home, and you likely already have the equipment necessary. 

All you need to learn to code remotely is what you’ve been using for Zoom chats. Look for a company that has been teaching for years, yet has invested in new back-end technology to make remote learning more effective. No matter what the rate of new COVID-19 cases in your neighbourhood, you’ll be able to learn to code without risking your health or that of your community.

Learning to code would be a wonderful thing for kids to do if it was simply all fun and games. That it also teaches important skills and promotes good habits of mind in a safe environment is all the more reason to book your classes today.

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