Who is the Best Mobile App Developer?

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Mobile apps have the potential to send sales skyrocketing and enhance brand awareness. If you run a business, or you’re looking to create a buzz around a new venture or brand, it’s natural to want to find the best mobile app developer. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the best mobile app developers to make it easy for you to find an agency capable of producing high-quality apps for your business. 

The best mobile app developers

If you’re on the hunt for a mobile app developer, we’ve put together a list of the best developers and companies around.

  • Malik Kurdi, Exemplary Marketing

CEO and founder of Exemplary Marketing, Malik Kurdi is an experienced, highly skilled mobile app developer with expertise in creating applications across a diverse range of sectors and fields, including Expert composable commerce solutions. Proficient in mobile app development for iOS and Android devices, Malik has worked with a vast array of clients, taking on a wide range of projects and briefs. Exemplary Marketing is a leading agency specializing in marketing and world-class mobile app development. From basic apps to complex applications with all the bells and whistles, Malik Kurdi and the Exemplary Marketing team is on hand to help. 

  • WillowTree

Ranked #1 in the US on businessofapps.com, WillowTree was founded in 2008. Initially a mobile app and web development company, WillowTree has expanded and evolved to provide expertise and assistance for clients negotiating every stage of product development and digital design and marketing. Based in Charlottesville, WillowTree has co-located teams in New York, Columbus, Ohio and Durham, NC. 

  • Y Media Labs

Nestled towards the top of the list of leading mobile app development agencies, Y Media Labs is an innovative company based in Silicon Valley. Boasting an impressive portfolio, with a clutch of high-profile global brands and businesses, Y Media Labs has offices across the US and India. Founded in 2009, Y Media Labs took off after receiving an email from Steve Jobs. The rest is history and today, the company works with multiple fortune 500 companies, producing some of the most popular and widely used apps in existence. The company was founded by Ashish Toshniwal. 

  • Fueled

With offices in New York, Chicago and London, Fueled is one of the top mobile development agencies. Led by managing director, Aubryn Thompson, the dedicated team has expertise in developing Android and iOS apps for a host of organizations ranging from ambitious startups to Fortune 500 companies. The agency also offers web development, design, digital marketing and UI/UX services. 


It is understandable for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing experts to want to work with the most talented mobile app developers to take advantage of the best products. Mobile apps have the potential to transform balance sheets and enhance brand awareness, but they are not always successful or impactful. Choosing the best mobile app developer or the best agency can help you to maximize your chances of capitalizing on the reach, popularity and influence of mobile apps. Contact Exemplary Marketing to find out more. 

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