Who Are Financial Investors – & What It Takes To Be One!

Financial Investor

People as we are, we tend to envy others’ wealth. We tend to look with envy when we see them living languish and excessive lives. Like, how do they even get to live that way? They must be lucky enough to be born into wealth. What would it feel like to have such immense wealth?

Sure enough, it would probably feel really, really good.

However, others’ good fortune may not have been brought about easily – contrary to what you would always think. Some may be born with a silver spoon but I know many people who aren’t. I even know some people who were born into families with the worst luck when it comes to finances – some of them in debt; others in deep poverty.

And yet, look at them now.

They’re hopeful, happy, and loaded – and it’s all thanks to their hard work. You see, it doesn’t matter if you were born with a silver spoon or not (read more). I know it sounds cliché but you create your own fate. There’s no such thing as predestination. The things you do on a daily basis add up to create your own destiny. Your fate is definitely not sealed the moment you’re born. People who argue otherwise are spineless and lazy cowards who like to blame their ill fortune to some unknown force. I’ve known many people, myself included, who have risen above financial challenges and claimed a better future for themselves.

If you think that you have the power to decide for yourself and create a better future for your family, then I encourage you to read on. If you’d rather remain sceptical and cowardly, then by all means, you are free to leave. What I am about to introduce you to is a world that defies any notion of predetermination. In this world, you (and you alone) are the master of your own fate.

Welcome to the world of Financial Investors!

What Is It Like To Be A Financial Investor?


You may think that to be a financial investor, you first need to have money. Well, technically-speaking that is true. However, you don’t really need heaps of cash to become a financial investor. You can always just work with what you have.

A financial investor is someone who looks for opportunities to earn passively. This means investing in stock markets, businesses, and much recently, even cryptocurrency. While some of you may think that “investing” always go hand-in-hand with “trading,” then let me just set the record straight:

It doesn’t have to be.

While trading will hasten the process of procuring wealth for you, it is not the only way to invest. Take a look at time deposits, for example. You don’t really do anything with time deposits. If you have money to spare, you simply deposit it to a bank you trust under a time deposit plan and it’ll just grow naturally over time. Of course, its rate of growth is slower compared to trading but it comes with little to no risk. In other words, the “growth” part is guaranteed.

If you’re a bit of a risk taker, then investing in stock market or cryptocurrency trading may be more of your thing. Trading can rake in a whole lot of profit. And thanks to technology, there are trading programs that can help you come up with better trading decisions. In fact, you can check reviews for more information about them. There is even an autopilot mode for trading apps nowadays. Still, however, great opportunities come at great risks. So you should always be prepared for the worst. But hey, would you rather go big or go home?

How Can I Be One?

Good question.

To be a financial investor, you need to have guts. You need to be completely aware of the risks and still find it in you to invest anyway. I just said a while ago that we are responsible for our own fate. That it doesn’t matter what we’re born into and what matters is what we make of ourselves.

Yes, you can change your fate. But it’s not going to be easy.

You need to have an unwavering resolve, deep self-trust, and the capacity to rise above your failures. Investing comes with no guarantee, you see. You can try; you can fail. But when you win, you win big. When you plan right, you come out victorious. Check this article out from The Balance: https://www.thebalance.com/great-investor-traits-357846.

If you think you have it in you to challenge your own fate and make something of yourself, then become a financial investor. Trust me; you can change your world.   

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