When are you Ready to Leave your Job and Start a Business?

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The idea of quitting your  job to start a new business of your own can truly be a great idea as you get to be your own boss and also work on your own terms and conditions. And these all things are even more fascinating if you hate your job that you are working in now. But you need to understand that although many people start it on a high note with great enthusiasm, often with time the whole motivation goes down and there are several reasons before this. making a start up is no cakewalk and before jumping into this field you need to answer a few questions to yourselves to know if you are ready to leave your old job and start on the new venture or not!

If you are one of those who are thinking to start their own job by quitting your previous one, there are a few things you might want to questions yourselves to ensure that you are fully ready.

Know whether your current situations will support you or not!

Now it has been found that people often find themselves in some inescapable situations like responsibility of your family specially kids, or too much of job pressure or time constraints, financial limits etc. Now in a majority of the cases these are merely excuse given by the so called ‘would be – entrepreneurs’. But at times these may be true in some cases. You need to understand if you are capable of overcoming theses obstacles or not. Although it is always a good idea to push your limits but you don’t have to overdo it. So take time to analyze your capabilities before you go ahead with your decision.

Are you really passionate about this?

To be honest there is truly the right time start something. Many people keep waiting for things to happen. Ask yourself if you are seriously passionate about this business idea that you have? And if the answer is yes, then just go for it. There is nothing in this world you can do more beautifully, than the things that you are truly passionate about.

How willing are you to grow further?

Now there is no doubt that passion will help you take that leap by which you can start your business but keep in mind that your willingness will take you places. You should understand that if you are going t start you business you need to have a clear goal and a vision set in your mind, and this should not be deterred no matter what people say, also you need to have a really strong willpower because this will help you survive in some of the toughest day of your life that people entrepreneurs mostly face during the initial days of your startup. And as an entrepreneur you also have to be prepared to wear many hats. Now take time to understand whether you are willing to face all of this and tackle with this.

Will you be able to tackle with the uncertainties?

Leaving a job clearly means that you are now going to ditch those regular paychecks and are going to embrace a future that upholds uncertainties. Being an entrepreneur means that you have to have enough guts to tackle any kind of uncertainty that comes your way. The idea of starting a new business in itself is a big challenge and on top of it being able to tackle with the uncertainties that will be coming your way demands from you to have strong faith in yourself.


Thus if you are deciding to ditch that regular job and start your business, it can turn out to be the best decision you will ever make. All you have to do is to analyze yourself on the basis of the questions discussed above and be prepared to face the challenges yet to come.

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