Car Accidents Can Be Complicated Cases: You Need a Lawyer to Help You Understand Your Rights


Car accidents present a risk of serious and life-changing injuries, and the victims will need a legal claim to collect compensation. Under the circumstances, the victim must present evidence to support their claim and show the at-fault driver caused their injuries as well as medical and auto repair costs. An attorney can help the victim start a claim. 

Understanding the Evidence You Need for Your Case

An auto accident case requires evidence that supports the victim’s claim that they were injured by the accountable driver and incurred economic losses. The claim must show medical records that substantiate these allegations and prove the accountable driver was at fault.

Accident victims need medical records, invoices for medical costs, auto repair estimates, and financial records showing how much they lost in wages because of their injuries. Victims of auto accidents can get more from Zanes Law about personal injury proceedings.  

Did You Commit a Moving Violation During the Accident?

Comparative fault rulings indicate the victim played a role in causing their injuries by committing a moving violation during the auto accident. It doesn’t matter what moving violation it was, and the judge can deduct a percentage from the victim’s monetary award according to the percentage that applies to the moving violation. If the victim is more than 50% at fault because of these rulings, they will not receive any monetary awards.  

Do You Have Insurance?

If the victim has comprehensive and collision insurance coverage, they may have the option to get coverage for their auto repair expenses. If they do not have a higher coverage level, they must rely on the accountable driver to provide compensation to cover these expenses.

If the accountable driver doesn’t have an auto insurance policy, the only way the victim can collect compensation is to file a legal claim. The victim must obtain auto repair estimates to demonstrate their economic losses to the court.  

Were There Any Eyewitnesses Who Saw the Accident?

Eyewitnesses can provide testimony about the accident and explain what they saw. The testimony could provide support for the victim’s claim and increase the viability of the legal claim. All attorneys involved in the case have access to the witness testimony, and they can complete depositions to collect information from the witnesses.  

Were You Accused of Any Traffic Violations Linked to the Accident?

If the victim was also accused of a traffic violation linked to the accident, they may still have a chance of collecting in civil court. However, if they were convicted of a DUI because of an arrest that happened at the scene of the accident, comparative fault rulings could apply. The victim’s attorney must show that the DUI didn’t cause the accident or contribute to it. It could become trickier to get them compensation since DUI is a serious offense.  

Car accidents could produce significant injuries and auto repair costs. Victims of the accidents can seek compensation for their financial losses if the accountable driver doesn’t have auto insurance coverage. They must have evidence to substantiate their claim and present a solid case to the court. There cannot be a series of moving violations by the victim that contributed to the accident. By hiring an attorney, the victim could represent a viable case to the court and collect compensation. 

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