What to do in Tampa, Florida after Becoming an Owner of Real Estate?

Real Estate.

Tampa is an impressive tourist destination. Besides, having explored the property for sale in Tampa in 2022, most tourists obtain a desire to move there for the permanent stay. It is the third largest city in the state of Florida, located on the shores of Tampa Bay. The history of the neighborhood is famous for many difficult and significant moments. Tampa was annexed to the United States in the mid-19th century, and even then it was a promising and rapidly developing industrial area. At the end of the 19th century, the city was made famous by a tobacco company that produced the best cigars in the area, later large phosphate mining and processing plants were opened, and the tourist industry began to develop only in the second half of the 20th century.

What is outside?

Life in your own housing unit located in the resort area is an unforgettable experience. It becomes even more fascinating when the district abounds with cultural and artistic treasures. In this article, we are going to skip water attractions and other resort entertainment, and focus on cultural and historical sightseeing.  

Attractions of Tampa

The easiest way to become closer to the place you live in is to get aware of the most interesting moments from its history. When visiting the museums in Tampa, it is worth seeing the collections of the Museum of Art, which began to form 150 years ago. The significant representatives of the historical past of the part of Florida are the following ones:

1.     Busch Gardens Africa, which was created according to a unique design by modern architects.

The natural complex was created with a decent attention to each detail. Every evening in the Main Theater and Concert Complex there are plays and musical performances, so everyone can choose a cultural program to their liking.  The establishments of Tampa are known for the variety of performances concluding a rich repertoire.

2.     The Science and Industry Museum is very popular with visitors, it is one of the largest science museums in the United States.

The museum is especially popular with tourists with children; its visitors can become participants of interesting experiments, and also learn a lot of new and interesting things about the world around them. The museum has a wonderful butterfly garden, various interactive exhibits, and a special room where everyone can experience the power of the hurricane wind. In total, the museum has more than 450 different thematic exhibits, to explore them all, you need to spend more than one hour.

3.     The Tampa Zoo is also a popular tourist attraction and is home to 2,000 animals of different species.

The zoo is very beautifully decorated and has special enclosures for the animals, which are as close to their environment as possible. Many of the inhabitants of the zoo are allowed to stroke and feed, and during the tour you can take great memorable pictures. There is also a terrarium and a special exhibition of reptiles in the zoo.

Places to visit with children

It may seem that Tampa is a resort city with all the possible benefits, but for a single and careless way of living. Still, it is not really true. Tampa provides outstanding opportunities for families with children. Regardless of the age, the kids may like the following attractions:

–       The city has several wonderful water parks, one of the most visited is considered Adventure Island.

It is an open-air water park that will please both extreme lovers and visitors with small children. It is decorated with a huge number of trees and plants, among this natural splendor for visitors equipped with luxury pools with slides. There is a special shallow pool for small children, and there are some steep slides that not everyone dares to ride.

–       One of the most unusual amusement parks in the city is considered Q-Zar Tampa.

It is especially popular with fans of laser games, here are equipped with colorful playgrounds and modern equipment. This center is popular with tourists with teenagers, as well as young people. There is a cozy cafe where you can relax after active games.

What is inside?

Besides, developed infrastructure and a number of opportunities for recreational activities, everyone wants to live in a stylish comfortable property. Now it is high time to look inside the real estate. What are the amenities offered to foreign buyers?

–       a formal dining room and bar,

–       high beautiful ceiling,

–       an office,

–       huge new chef’s kitchen, powder room and laundry room,

–       a custom hood, lots of cabinets and a large gas stove; perfect for entertaining,

–       fireplace and balcony,

–       a huge walk-in shower, rain shower and deep soaking tub,

–       air conditioning system,

–       a large open space, game room and movie room.

The number of amenities can change according to the footage and price. Still, housing units are equipped with all the necessary things for comfortable life.

Real estate prices in Tampa, Florida

Tampa in Florida appears to be a city with a strong economy, a developed tourism sector, a comfortable climate, and a modern infrastructure. Besides, the area provides affordable housing options for buyers with different budgets.

–       2-bedroom apartment is available for $299,000

–       3-bedroom apartment is available for $750,000

–       4-bedroom apartment is available for $4,5 million

Such a range of prices is easily explained by the number and quality of amenities included, location, and footage of a property. So, to find a suitable real estate and make it work is more than possible.

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