What is a Professional Organizer and How Can You Become One

If you like keeping things and places tidy and putting everything in its rightful place, and if you love organization, then becoming a professional organizer will feel like a dream come true to you. A professional organizer is someone who turns spaces with clutter and chaos into efficient spaces; may it be for households or businesses.

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Jobs often range from quick to big organization projects depending on whom you are working with. It can be a simple organization of the clutter to big designing process for the organization structure of a particular space. It all depends on the client you are working with, whether they have a big space or small, whether it’s an office or a residence, whether the client has a hoarding problem, and so on.

Most of the times, throwing away things are difficult for people, especially when you work for spaces in homes. Emotional attachment and general connection can stop people from throwing away things that don’t necessarily add anything anymore. This is when organizers also need to act as coaches and help clients process their feelings around objects that they don’t have a strong sentimental connection and does nothing more than add clutter.

Not only that, a professional organizers job doesn’t end with just clearing out spaces and organizing them. The main task is to design a system that your clients can easily follow without having to do a lot of extra things. Something that will help them maintain the spaces after you have organized them.

There are a lot of advantages to running a professional organizer business. Like I mentioned in the start, if you already are good at clearing through the clutter, then this might just be the thing for you. Along with this, you need to have good people skills. Some people can be difficult when it comes to hoarding problems or things like that.

That being said, like other businesses, you won’t need to make huge investments to start this business – not for training or some course to learn the craft and not for tools and technologies. You can use word of mouth, but in the beginning, some advertisement is a good idea. You can build a portfolio by doing small organizing jobs for family and friends. Building a blog or website around organizing is a great way to develop leads and also establish credibility.

Sometimes it isn’t limited to one-time organization work. Some clients need help from time to time, that means regular business. If you get an assignment with an office and help them organize their filing and develop a system for them, then chances are they will need you to come in every few months to help them out so that the clutter doesn’t get out of hand. So, you can also start a retainer service in addition to your organizing services.

Yes, it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from other organizers or to get clients at the beginning who are willing to pay organizers, but once you establish yourself, it becomes easier. That is true for every business. If you want to start this business, don’t quit your job just yet. Build a profile, start getting steady clients so that you get the hang of it, and then go head on onto building your client base.

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