What Do People Use Yubo for & Is it Safe?

Social media is expanding at an alarming rate, but with it comes many challenges for children and teenagers. The constant toxicity of likes, comments, views, comparisons, etc., can often take a toll on people’s mental health, especially when it involves Gen-Z.

Yubo resolves those complications. While many label it as a “dating app,” that’s not the case. Yubo is a social discovery application that’s targeted towards helping teenagers and the present Gen-Z generation to socialize and connect with people of their age cohort without the burden of likes and follows.

If you are curious about Yubo, its features, and why it is gaining traction now, you have arrived at the right place. We will discuss everything about Yubo and its safety.

What is Yubo?


As mentioned earlier, Yubo is a “social discovery app” designed for Gen Z to connect with people and expand their social circle. Since the user base has strict age guidelines, Yubo is specially designed for the younger generation, so the safety concerns are comparatively less on this platform.

The main intent behind Yubo’s development is to help young people find and befriend new people and expand their social circles simultaneously.

Also, a unique feature of Yubo is that it enables users to interact and connect with each other in real time, something that comes in handy when you are trying to interact with more people on the platform. This particular feature also minimizes the younger generation’s risks and safety concerns on other social media platforms.

No “likes” or “follows” are available on Yubo, which enables users to show up authentically on the platform.

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How to Use Yubo?

Use Yubo

Yubo has two premium and interactive features: a swipe and an in-app livestream. Users sign up and then register for an account on Yubo and then have the choice to connect with other users in real time.

Unlike other social media platforms that rely on passive interaction, Yubo is all about active and real-time interaction. So, users don’t have to wait for messages, posts, etc., to interact with other users. When you connect with another user on Yubo, you can connect with them immediately.

Yubo also lives up to its “social discovery” feature because the app harbors users from different countries and of varying ethnicities. Yubo also supports a tagging feature, wherein you can add different tags to your profile to showcase your interests.

What Kind of Age Verification Does Yubo Have?

Since Yubo is for younger people, their age verification process is quite stringent. You can’t bypass the verification process.

Usually, the platform estimates your age based on the photos you upload. If the platform estimates your age to be older than its designated limit, you’ll need to enter valid identification to register on the platform.

The main reason behind Yubo’s strict verification process is to prevent adults from signing up on the platform and interacting with younger people.

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Are there Any Sign-up Fees for Yubo?

Yubo is 100% free to use. The users don’t have to pay a single cent to register on the platform and use it to interact with others. Since Yubo is designed and developed to create a sense of community among people and help build social circles, its main features are free to use.

However, Yubo follows a “freemium” pricing plan. This means that all the primary and essential features on the platform are free to use. That said, the platform also supports in-app purchases for advanced features. So, if certain features are designed to enhance the platform’s functionality, you might have to pay for it.

There’s another workaround on the app called “YuBucks.” This is an in-app currency that users can utilize to buy boosts to use the advanced features. There are two combo packs called Elite and Power, which offer users access to more features like “checking who viewed the profile,” etc.

Is Yubo Safe to Use?

With the user base being so young, the concern of safety on Yubo is a recurrent thought. Many parents have raised this concern time and time again.

In their official statements and disclaimers, Yubo constantly clarifies that their platform is 100% safe. They implement strong safety and verification options to ensure each user is secure, and the platform’s framework creates a pretty safe environment for users to indulge in.

AI algorithms and human moderators are working behind the scenes to ensure the optimal safety of the teenagers signed up on the platform. Some of the factors that contribute to the user safety include:

  • 24/7 moderators to monitor the activities on the platform
  • 100% user age verification
  • Real-time interventions in live streams
  • Disabled location for users under 18
  • Pop-up alerts to prevent users from sharing personal information
  • Muted word features for optimal filtering
  • Advanced reporting feature

Regarding the age limit on Yubo, the minimum starting age limit is 13 years. Since it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for teenagers, it makes sense that Yubo is consistently working towards safeguarding its user base without compromise.

Also, Yubo consistently works towards updating its features to introduce more safety features. So, it is a reasonably safe platform for teenagers to indulge in.

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Do Parents Have to Worry About the Yubo App?

As we mentioned, Yubo’s user base includes Gen Z and primarily teenagers. As parents, it makes sense to worry about the kids’ safety on an online platform.

Yubo provides ongoing guidance and support to parents, caretakers, and educators to keep them informed about the platform and its features. So, if you are a parent of a kid using Yubo, you can rest assured that there’s nothing much to worry about on the platform.

Is Yubo Associated with Snapchat?

Many new users mistakenly think that Yubo is associated with Snapchat, which isn’t really the case. They are two independent platforms that have no correlation whatsoever.

Also, Yubo is not a dating application for teenagers. This is another common misconception most users have about the app. For more details, you can read the community guidelines to understand better what the app is and the intent behind its usage.

Things You Can Do as a Parent to Ensure Your Child’s Safety on Yubo

Yubo can be a fun way for teens to connect with others, but like any social media app, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks. Here are some things you can do as a parent to help ensure your child’s safety on Yubo:

  • Always have an open communication about the associated risks on social media, like cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and talking to strangers. Emphasize the importance of being responsible online.
  • Encourage your child to come to you if they experience anything uncomfortable or unsafe on Yubo.
  • Get familiar with how Yubo works, its features, and age restrictions. This will familiarize you with the common risks, following which you can have informed conversations with your child.
  • Look through Yubo’s privacy and safety settings together. You can enable features like location sharing turned off and profiles hidden from the “swipe” section.
  • Remind your child not to share personal information like their address, phone number, or school name with strangers online.

These are just a handful of safety precautions that you can implement to ensure optimal safety for your child while using Yubo.


Yubo is a social media app designed for teens (aged 13 and up) to connect and make new friends online through features like swiping on profiles, live streaming, chat, and games. While Yubo boasts industry-leading safety features like age verification and moderation, like any social media app, there are still risks like bullying and inappropriate content. So, the key for every user is to remain alert regarding what you share online and with whom.

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