The Social Media Maze

Do you have a thriving business? Do you wish to expand your presence in the digital space? 

Brands and businesses have come to realize the value of a digital presence and the power of promoting businesses on social media. There has been a shift in the allocation of advertising and marketing budgets in the present times. Companies are now creating a separate social media promotion and marketing budget that caters to the audience on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many more.

social media

Social media marketing is a new and important way of reaching out to your target audience. These techniques have become an essential part of online marketing strategies on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The connection between businesses and consumers becomes easier through social media platforms. Today social networks are the most effective “public relations” tool one could imagine.

According to Adweek, 92% of marketers state that their companies use social networking for marketing purposes. Social Media Marketing has proven so powerful in fact that it can make or break a brand within hours if not minutes via Social Disruption, which indicates what people are saying about a brand.

How to make your social media presence stronger?

You have to bring your A-game to the social media advertising circuit. Social Media requires time and energy, interaction with your audience, responding to comments or complaints in the most appropriate manner, sharing regular insights and regular posting. Social media managers also need to stay updated on the latest trends or news within their field.

Set your goals

A practical approach towards your targets and goals will aid you to create a viable marketing plan. Set your targets and make a monthly and quarterly growth plan that is realistic and achievable. Create measurable goals which are relevant and time-bound. Keep it simple, crisp and uncomplicated.

Selecting Social Platforms

There are certain platforms that would be relevant for your business based on its nature, products or services offered, location and demographics, etc. Social media channels also provide you with insights into what kind of content resonates well with people in the similar industry space as yours.

Establish Your Brand Image

Your Social Channels are where customers engage with you most! It is very important to remain professional and efficient at all times when managing your Social Media Channels. Your accounts on social media need to reflect the true essence of your brand without confusing the audience. A clear and well-explained layout and voice will bring more followers and views to your brand.

How to Grow your Brand on Social Media?

Creating your company/brand’s account on social platforms is very important as it is the first step in getting the audience notified that your product/service exists. Social media provides you with an opportunity to create a virtual presence of your company so that customers can get connected with you emotionally besides just physically purchasing from you. The Social Media profiles that you create should reflect the true values of your business, for example, if you are selling natural products then why not talk about the importance of using naturally made and sourced products.

In order to create your brand’s presence on social platforms effectively you can try and implement these easy methods:

1. Social Media Accounts should be used frequently by updating relevant content such as latest news about the industry, any special offers on products/services along with reaching out to the target audience.

2. Your brand’s social handle should be attractive and have the brand’s colors, logos and also a friendly description that attracts new followers to your social media platforms.

3. You can use social media for your brand as a communicative platform to interact with clients who purchase from you or are interested in becoming a customer but aren’t sure about making an investment. Social Media Marketing does this by facilitating an open channel of discussion between you and the client.

4. Creating a virtually enriching experience for your viewers and followers will help you create a niche for your brand on social media. Your account should have a fair opinion and a positive voice that will generate a sense of easy approach and access.

5. Your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media accounts should always be updated with your brand’s latest offerings, news and insights. Be smart and use the latest features on each social app to promote your brand or company effectively.

6. The social media account of a brand reflects on its character. It represents the nature of the brand’s beliefs and practices. Be true to your voice and do not imitate another brand’s identity. An individualistic flavor will authenticate your brand’s presence. You need to build a responsible social media presence that will generate a positive response towards your company.


Social media marketing is a basic form of any marketing. It encourages interactions with the customers. Brands and businesses use social media platforms to drive traffic and sales through conversations, engagement, link building and content sharing. It has become an important part of the overall web presence of a brand and it contributes on multiple levels: brand awareness, lead generation, online reputation management and customer service.