Ways to Boost Productivity While Working From Home

How do you put together outfits that work when you’re working from home? There is an art to looking “put together” when your morning commute involves slippers! Finding the right outfit to wear when you work from home isn’t just about looking cool and polished on a video call. It’s also about boosting your workflow by creating a mindset for taking on the day! Based on the results from a recent survey on the best WFH outfits for productivity, we know how women who have it all do it all when plugging in from the home office!

The Right Shirt Is Everything: Which Shirts Are Best for Working From Home

Ways to Boost Productivity While Working From Home

In a world where most colleagues never see past your shoulders, a good top is everything. The good news is that most people aren’t feeling pressured to be overly dressy when working from home. The trend is definitely to go for new, crisp tops over “dressy tops.” It’s perfectly acceptable to pull off a casual look as long as everything looks neat. The favorites among women working from home include basic t-shirts, V-neck shirts and sweatshirts. However, many like to pair a crisp blouse with ultra-comfortable bottoms. Adding a pop of color can help you to stand out in a Zoom call! Colors like red, yellow, blue and green can create positive, assertive vibes that can make up for your inability to make a commanding presence in person.

Comfortable Pants Are Here to Stay: Finding Pants That Work for Behind the Desk, Real Life and Everything Between

The general consensus is that nobody is planning to give up comfortable leggings at any point soon! When working from home, leggings and sweatpants make it easy to take “power breaks” that might include everything from a snappy yoga session to a walk around the yard with the dog. While leggings do reign supreme as the most important staple in WFH wardrobes by being the preferred bottoms for 20 percent of women, jeans come in as a close second with 19 percent of women saying they love to plug in while rocking denim. Tapered legs can be great for working from home because they allow you to pull on sneakers or boots easily to dash outside to check the mail, water the garden or walk the family dog.

Twirl From Home: Dresses Are Being Rediscovered

Why plan a whole WFH outfit when you can just slip on one piece? This is exactly the thought behind why dresses have become the surprise hits of the “work from home season.” Yes, 20 percent of women are rocking shirt dresses because they’ve discovered how easy these charming designs are to throw on! They also offer a relaxed fit with good flow while looking totally polished on camera. If you’re looking for a dress to wear while working from home that boosts productivity, keep in mind that 22 percent of women share that putting on the color blue makes them feel more productive.

Clinch the Deal: Accessories Bring Everything Together

Who doesn’t feel at least 50 percent more capable of taking on the world when they have on some smart studs or empowering dangly earrings? Earrings, necklaces and stackable rings are really taking off right now because women are seeking that “dressed up” feeling that always made them feel so ready to take on the day at the office. Accessorizing also helps you get more mileage out of every outfit by changing things up.

The Bottom Line on the Best WFH Fashions

Choosing the perfect WFH outfit comes down to creating intentional looks. While everyone loves the idea of being able to wear whatever they want, the truth is that you’re not just putting on clothes when you get dressed for a day of working from home. You’re actually putting on a mindset! It’s very hard to inhabit a space of motivation and confidence when you’re draped in pajamas. Casual isn’t the opposite of polished if you’re following WFH style rules. Even an ultra-casual outfit consisting of athleisure pieces can make you feel like you’re ready to lead a meeting when the designs are fresh and crisp. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t commit to “dress day” at least once a week to get that fashion thrill that used to make you look forward to stepping into the office!

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