From Credit Cards to Echecks: 9 Ways to Accept Online Payments in 2021

When shopping online, convenience ensures a buyer reaches the finish line. The type of payments India has available for shopping is consumer focused, and sometimes revolutionary. Businesses that want to expand their reach have begun to offer more payment solutions for their products and services. By making the checkout process inclusive, consumers won’t jump ship to the next competitor. 

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1. Razorpay

When the priority is to automate payouts, Razorpay becomes the most recommended option. There is a free version of the service and a free trial of the upgraded gateway. This is a big feature for businesses that want to test the waters before going all in on one brand. 


PayPal is a brand name that millions of individuals and companies rely on for processing their payments.  Over time, the strength of PayPal has become its top-notch security on both ends. Companies that care about the integrity of their payments will have no problem using this system. 

3. Shopify

Shopify built its reputation on ease of use and integration. If your business has an online store set up that is lacking a payment system, then Shopify is the plug and play master. They are a solid payment processor that is working hard to diversify their other features. 

4. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest, and considered by some to be the best. With Amazon pay, businesses and consumers can take advantage of exclusive features. If you have an account, then the Amazon pay portion is automatically activated after giving consent. 

5. Cryptocurrency

Depending on the type, cryptocurrency is a great choice. It is a rising star in the online payment world, and does a good job of simplifying the extras. Cryptocurrency works best when it is used as an alternate pay choice. 

6. GoCardless

GoCardless doesn’t try to revolutionize the entire system. Instead, it takes the strong features of direct debits and applies it to regular banking withdrawals. Behind the scenes, it is a complex system. But on the surface, both individuals and businesses enjoy a smooth transaction.

7. Square

Square is a stylish online payment processor that has scored major points with startup businesses. They still have the best starting pack of any online payment processor. After the initial setup, businesses can relax and let Square do the hard work. 

8. Venmo

Venmo gained popularity by being a solid customer to customer payment processor. It has since grown to be just as valuable for businesses. With millions of app installs, the brand is a solid one to associate with your company. 

9. Google

Google Pay is a fantastic but barely marketed online payment processor. A few flagship Android phones have gained some notoriety, but small and large companies are still playing catch up. Integrating Google Pay into a business is smart, and well worth the trouble

Wrap Up

To get the most positive results when shopping, a company should always respect a customer’s time. The money-making capabilities of a company are tied to the usability of the online payment system. If you make it difficult, consumers will lose interest in the products or services. 

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