Viralyft Review & Alternative Sites: Is it Legit & Safe?

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Viralyft is one of the most popular social media growth service that has been in the growth industry for years now. What started off as a couple digital marketers helping brands and companies grow on social media, has now expanded their reach over a number of social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, Club house, Sound cloud, Twitter and even YouTube.

Being one of the only companies in the growth industry that would help in growing your social media presence online, they specialize in not only Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube but also Spotify and Sound cloud. Here, you can buy real Instagram followers and many other services to grow your presence on these social media platforms. 

Why should you choose Viralyft

When it comes to buying YouTube views, IG followers and TikTok followers, they make sure that they offer the best prices without compromising on the quality of service they provide with high quality results in a short period of time. Viralyft makes sure that their methods of promotion are safe and extremely secure while ensuring that they would never put any of your social media accounts at risk. 

They have SSL encrypted payment gateways and their package deals make sure that your brand is able to reach its truest potential on several social media platforms. They also have a highly sensitive and responsive customer care support that is active 24 by 7.

Services offered by Viralyft

When it comes to buy YouTube views, Instagram followers and TikTok followers from Viralyft, you have to make sure that you choose the package that is right for your brand because they offer a wide variety of services that will meet the need for your brand and they are here to assist and help with the promotional needs of your brand. You will need to enter your username, page link, the URL of your song, or any of your videos but Viralyft will never ask for your brand’s social media accounts password.

When it comes to the numerous services they offer, if you are looking to buy Spotify plays from Viralyft, they offer one of the best services at a steal of a deal price. When you get Instagram followers from Viralyft, they offer higher engagement rates, organic reach, quality followers, that will continue to interact with your content and a high engagement rate which will ensure that you have a high retention rate when it comes to your followers on Instagram. 

Viralyft makes sure that your brand grows on YouTube and offers extremely credible and trustworthy services to not only increase the views but also the number of subscribers of your YouTube channel. To buy Facebook likes from Viralyft, there are several plans that this website offers that makes sure it not only feeds the algorithm of the social media platform but also promotes your content. To buy TikTok followers for your TikTok account, you will have to make sure that you choose the right package deal that suits your brand.

Alternative Sites to Viralyft

While Viralyft caters to almost every possible need for your brand, there are alternative sites to this website that provides just as good service as they do.


Being one of the most experienced social media marketing companies you will be able to find, they offer great deals when you buy YouTube views, TikTok followers and Instagram followers. They make sure that your brand receives global exposure at affordable prices and are well equipped to cater to the needs of your brand with their high tech software and marketing tools.

All they payment methods are safe and they have years of experience in this industry that will help in building your online presence. They go out of their way to make sure that they increase the engagement rate of the social media accounts of their clients and ensure that these accounts have a high active and real follower retention rate.


Get viral as its name suggests in one of the popular and most credible companies that have been serving their clients for almost a decade now, and they have a high customer retention rate because of the quality of services they provide. Furthermore, they make sure that they offer the best deals when it comes to buying Instagram followers, TikTok followers, YouTube views and Facebook likes.

Get Viral assures the clients satisfaction and make sure that they provide the best quality of services in the market and even offer a money back guarantee if they fail to fulfill the goals set by your brand or if their client is not satisfied. They have a highly responsive and active customer care that regardless of how large or small your orders are, they make sure that they include live chat and email support 24 by 7. 


When it comes to building a social media presence for your brand or company, Viralyft is one of your best options because of the quality of service they provide.

They make sure that the needs of their clients are prioritized, and moreover, there is almost nothing this website cannot do. From buying Instagram followers to YouTube views for your brand, they offer great deals for the packages and make sure that they fulfill the marketing goals and objectives set by your brand.

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