Valuable Advice for Business Owners in 2022

The last year may have been challenging for your business, with ever-shifting changes and turnover within customer bases. If you’re looking to amp your business strategy for this next year, consider some of these tips for increasing morale, messaging and profit in your business during this next quarter. 

1. Know Your Customer Base 

Your customer base is essential to your success as a business. Work to pinpoint your audience and customer demographic. Consider implementing data analytics that support the development of demographic information. Build segmented audiences within your marketing platform to gather and analyze the data you need. 

Collect the following information on your customer base:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic location
  • Behavioral data

This information will help you redefine your messaging and support your marketing initiatives. Marketing directed at the wrong audience is wasted money; identify your base and redefine your creative direction and imaging throughout marketing collateral. 

2. Adapt Your Brand Messaging

Now that you are aware of your customer base, you are equipped to communicate effectively with your stakeholders. Evaluate both your visual and verbal presence across all brand initiatives. To create effective messaging, your values must align with your user base. Utilize social media to gather information on customer satisfaction and if your message is resonating. Tap into values that have arisen over this past year and more, and consider adapting your messaging to fit evolving times. 

3. Upgrade Your CMS Platform

Profits can be increased by minimizing the various sales services you use and combining services in one platform. Great gains can be made simply by upgrading your CMS platform to a low-code, user-friendly interface. An efficient CMS can provide your company with data analytics, calendars, customer data, as well as sales, marketing and financial services. Streamline your processes with an agile and adaptable CMS system that meets your business needs.  

4. Evaluate Your UX

Convenience is highly valued among most consumers. Your website user experience (UX) should be easy to navigate. A visitor to your website may “bounce” off the website if they must click more than a few times to find what they are looking for. Evaluate the bounce rate across your site and on key pages where conversions are made. If you have the funds, you can enlist the aid of a third party to gather insights from a sample group similar to your customer base. These insights can be turned into step-by-step projects to increase the user experience, and thus customer satisfaction, with your site. 

5. Remember Your Internal Stakeholders 

As you enact organizational shifts to support your customer base, don’t forget your employees. Team unity is just as important for success as these other factors. While employees are motivated differently, they all need appreciation. Even if you can’t offer extrinsic rewards, such as extra paid time off or team lunches, remind them of their intrinsic value to the team. Consider implementing morale-boosting activities, such as “appreciation grams” or written thank-you cards to outstanding employees. Work hard for the success of your employees and they’ll be motivated to work for your company. 

Prep for Success

To be successful in 2022, enhance your knowledge of your customers and reevaluate your technology platforms. Value feedback from your customers and put them first as you develop your audience segments and website navigation. Overhauling your systems may be difficult at first, but it will create a foundation for growth and success in the coming years.

About Carson Derrow

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