4 Ways To Build Brand Loyalty That Actually Work

A mistake that many business owners make is spending time and money on creating a business, without first understanding their target audience. It’s vital to know the people who will be interested in spending money on your brand, and what will keep them coming back. Here are four proven ways to build brand loyalty and create a brand that’s ready for long-term success.

Connect with your audience

When making the decision to start a brand, you’re building it for yourself. Whether the goal is fulfilling your lifelong vision or creating more income, it’s mostly about self-motivation in the beginning. That’s why you should also take time to focus on understanding your target audience before you start a company with no potential customer base. 

If you can get to know your customers from the start, you will be able to identify the pain points they face and know which solutions will solve these problems. The most successful companies often spend years tracking customers and their behaviors, as well as learning how to treat them better. 

By intentionally connecting with your audience from the get-go, you proactively build brand loyalty. Get out on social media and into your community and find real people who could potentially be your customers. 

Excellent places to connect with real consumers:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Sub-Reddits
  • Blog Comments
  • Trade Shows
  • Community Markets
  • Local Events and Festivals

The more you engage with real people, the more loyal they will likely become. Start by making educated guesses about common interests your audience may have, or if you already have a customer base, ask them directly! 

Stand apart from the competition

One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make is thinking they need to create a concept that’s close to another brand, when in fact that’s exactly the opposite. In other words, don’t try to copy the features of another brand. Instead, think about how you can stand apart from them and be unique. F

Create a solution that solves a problem where others have fallen short. While every customer has their own problems, what makes your brand different is what you do to solve them.

The best areas you can focus on to create brand distinction:

  • Website Design. Make your site more engaging and user-friendly than competitors. 
  • Customer Service Policies. Offer customers peace of mind through loyal service to them, and they are more likely to trust you over time. 
  • Social Media Posts. Share marketing content that focuses on customers solutions, instead of filling your feed with announcements that mostly serve your needs. 

Be consistent and keep your brand promise

It’s nearly impossible to be successful in today’s volatile market without being consistent. Too many business owners create a promise that they aren’t willing to keep. Customers can sense the inconsistency, which is why they’ll choose someone else if you let them down. 

There’s no reason to compromise your values or your end goal. You can’t be all things to all people, or you’ll dilute your message. Selling yourself short, and expecting your customers to pay for something you’re not willing to provide, is a sure way to lose their loyalty. In fact, it’s the epitome of business foolishness. 

Find your perfect point of intersection. It’s not enough to just be committed to any return guarantee or policy. You have to create consistent brand promises that are important to your customer and show them signs of trust and respect from your end. 

Provide unique opportunities for customers

No two customers are alike, so it is crucial to provide multiple, creative opportunities for customers to engage with your brand. Use loyalty programs that reward customers for spending money as well as interacting with the brand. Make it simple for them to become a member. And when they make purchases, make sure to reward them in a way that seems above average. 

You don’t always have to offer a discount or freebie. Some people enjoy early access to new products. Others might like being recognized on social media for their enthusiasm about your brand. Get creative, and don’t forget to listen to what people are saying online for clues. 

Build a successful loyalty program by paying attention to these areas:

  • Customer Reviews. What do people love? What do they hate?
  • Discount Requests. When customers ask for a discount, why? Where are they in the purchase funnel?
  • Post-Transaction Follow Up. What questions do customers have after they buy? What information do they seek down the road?
  • Social Media. Are customers posting about your products? If not, who are they posting about?

Loyalty programs are often more effective than PPC advertising for brand awareness and loyalty. But what’s equally important is keeping your loyal customers happy again and again. Losing a customer once can be expensive, but losing customers over and over again over the same disappointment can ruin your brand entirely. Give customers great incentives to keep coming back for more, and they will.


These tips will help you establish a successful business that’s loved by loyal consumers and well prepared for future growth. By connecting with your audience, you can learn to stand apart from the competition. Through consistent policies and standards, you can cultivate an environment full of opportunities for customers to engage. 

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