Understanding Instagram’s Role & Contribution in Curbing Spread of COVID-19 Misinformation

With ever-rising pressure for being more proactive in combating misinformation regarding the novel coronavirus, Instagram and Facebook have been actively trying their best to direct all social media users to reliable content from trusted health organizations only. However, it is not quite evident how well these endeavors have been working particularly as conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and pranks about COVID-19 keep spreading. 

Directing People to Trustworthy Sources of COVID Information

Facebook has claimed that it along with Instagram have been able to successfully direct over 1 billion users to resources from recognized organizations including WHO and even the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We understand that over 100 million users clicked via pop-ups on the social media platforms for getting a sound knowledge of these resources. Meanwhile, Instagram had announced that it was pumping up endeavors for promoting trustworthy content about COVID-19 and arresting the propagation of misinformation associated with the novel coronavirus on this phenomenally popular visual-oriented social network. 

It has been announced that users who are searching for information associated with coronavirus on Instagram would at once start seeing an educational message that would connect them to valuable and authentic resources like the WHO and even the local health ministries. You may get in touch with a trustworthy digital marketing company if you wish to buy Instagram followers and likes so that more and more people could have easy access to accurate coronavirus information.

Instagram Has Announced Additional Updates

Ever since the WHO announced the dangerous coronavirus outbreak in January 2020, this versatile social media platform has taken some proactive steps for helping people have easy access to accurate COVID-19 information, for staying safe and staying connected. Instagram has come up with additional updates: 


· Has included many more educational resources about COVID_19 in Instagram Search.

· Added stickers for promoting accurate information.

· Removed COVID-19 accounts unless those have been posted by some trusted health organizations.

· Rolled out the relevant donation sticker not only in the United States but in more nations across the globe to help people identify relevant nonprofits for supporting.

· Created a shared story for helping individuals practicing social distancing effectively connect with others by using the innovative “Stay Home”’ sticker.

· Launched a novel technique of browsing Instagram with bosom pals over video chat.

Steps to Help Users in Accessing Accurate Information

As per https://www.cnbc.com, along with the new Co-Watching, Instagram has also, announced their plans of expanding their arsenal of educational resources that the application demonstrates in all its search results. It would be ramping up the elimination of COVID-19 related content unless they have been posted by some authentic and credible health organization. Instagram has subsequently rolled out specific sticker features for promoting accurate information and allowing users to go about donating to some of the relevant and reliable non-profit organizations. An Instagram spokesperson said that they would go on prioritizing safety, encouraging support, connecting more and more users with accurate coronavirus information as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

Instagram has launched brand new stickers for assisting people in sharing perfect COVID-19 information and data in Stories. All these new features would be including reminders to constantly wash your hands, following social distancing.

Steps to Keep Our Community Safe

Instagram has decided to eliminate COVID-19 accounts from all account recommendations and they have been actively working on removing certain COVID-19 associated content from Explore, unless the content has been posted by a recognized health organization. They would be down-ranking content in Stories and Feed that has been notified as false by some third-party examiners.

For preventing users from exploiting this medical emergency, Instagram has come up with certain policies. They have prohibited fake misleading ads for products that tend to refer to coronavirus pandemic in several ways with the intention of creating a sense of urgency guaranteeing cures or preventing individuals from contracting this deadly disease. Instagram has banned all ads temporarily and even branded content that should be promoting some medical supplies and that may include face masks.

Staying Connected in These Distressing Times and Supporting Communities

For facilitating people in supporting relief efforts, Instagram has made their Donation sticker in many more nations incorporating a new COVID-19 segment for people to identify quickly relevant nonprofits. 

Instagram Donation Sticker

To assist people in staying connected Instagram has launched the special media sharing feature that lets you watch Instagram posts and enjoy with your bosom pals over video chat

Instagram Removed Coronavirus AR Effects to Avoid the Spread of Misinformation

Instagram is taking new steps to combat the propagation of coronavirus-associated misinformation. The company has eliminated effectively augmented reality effects that would be claiming to provide “diagnosis” or “treatment” for coronavirus. They have been hiding the rest of the Coronavirus-themed AR effects precisely from all search results.


Ultimately, Instagram has launched the amazing “Stay Home” sticker. You could now keep seeing how others seem to be practicing social distancing during these distressing times. Instagram would keep on prioritizing safety, connecting you with authentic information and they would be motivating users to support the cause of COVID-19 pandemic. Instagram is still closely examining the situation and sharing updates consistently.

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