Two Main Advantages of a VoIP Phone System

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VoIP phone systems have become the norm in offices. That is because it has so much to offer, in comparison to traditional phone systems. In this article, we will make the focus on two advantages that justify the change in your own office.

The Number of Options that are Available

There is no doubt that the main benefit from getting a VoIP phone system, is that it has so much to offer your company. Since it is based on a software, you can basically link it to any other software or application that you may want to. For example you can create an outbound call center, to which you may add an outbound dialer option. If you wonder what are outbound calls: It is the capacity for operators inside your company to call upon prospects or consumers, for telemarketing purposes and/or customer service.

One of the other options that you may choose, is to associate the VoIP phone system to your CRM. This will entirely change the way that the company is run. When a customer calls in, the system will automatically bring up his file, as soon as it recognizes his number. This way, the person who responds to the phone, will be able to answer any query the client may have, since he will have his whole history, right in front of his eyes. There are so many options available that we could write the whole article on them. But for now, let’s just mention a few more of the features that you can benefit from, when installing a VoIP phone system into your office: call recording, advanced statistics, reporting, video conferencing and instant messages.

A VoIP Phone System is Cost Efficient

Controlling costs in a company is a crucial part of success. The old traditional phone systems were extremely expensive, especially if you wanted to expand from the simple phone line at the office. With a VoIP phone system, everything has changed. That is because it is basically using your internet connection to function. You can put up as many lines as you want, without having to pay for each one’s installation. That enables the company to grow faster and at lesser costs. You can also say goodbye to expensive fees related to long-distance calls. The price is much cheaper when you use an online service than a traditional phone line. With a VoIP phone system, you can also attach an app that will even completely remove these costs, such as WhatsApp, for example.

If you want to create an outbound call center inside your office, you will only have to add the option, through your service provider. Whereas before, you basically needed to hire a specialized firm to handle your outbound calls, because it was simply too costly in terms of the number of lines that you needed to pay for, and the equipment that needed to be installed, today, most of the costs that you will incur will be salaries that you will pay to the employees. Moving to a VoIP phone system has become a necessity, today. The most important thing is to choose your service provider well.

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