Tutorial Resources for Ambitious Developers

Developers who want to make an impact and build the best software solutions and apps cannot rely on natural talent alone. Thankfully there are plenty of resources available for those who want to learn new skills or expand upon their existing abilities.

Here is just a small selection of tutorial resources that will let you augment your innate knowhow and unleash your development potential.


API tutorials

When it comes to building web or mobile apps in the modern, connected era, an API can go a long way to helping you achieve your initial goals without needing to create every element of the software yourself.

Of course actually getting to grips with the various APIs that are out there is no easy task, which is where this list of the best API tutorials will be a real boon. It includes tutorials across a range of the most popular programming languages, including Java and Python, as well as instructions on how to build apps using APIs without encountering common pitfalls.

As with most tutorial resources, this knowledge base assumes a solid level of understanding, so will suit developers with a bit of experience under their belt who want to push themselves even further.

General coding

If you want to get into developing software but you are starting from scratch, there are plenty of online resources that include a cavalcade of tutorials targeted at beginners who are eager to learn.

FreeCodeCamp is one of the most popular places to go for developer-focused tutorials which you can access without paying a penny. It has a varied curriculum and set of free courses which cover everything from data visualisation to information security and responsive web design.

A quick search on the site will let you pinpoint something specific from within the database of over six thousand tutorials, or you can head to a forum to ask questions of the large community of expert users.

Paid resources

While it is entirely possible to learn new software development skills at your own pace and without spending any money thanks to the wealth of information on the web, you may prefer to take a more structured approach and splash a little cash for the privilege.

Udemy is one of the most widely used and highly rated online learning resources, not just for development but for a range of other skills. Its courses range from the broad, encompassing coding in a range of languages (they literally have everything, from popular PHP courses to some of the less know programming languages), to the specific, dealing with particular areas of focus which may be on your wishlist.

Pricing is also varied, and it is not uncommon for steep discounts to be offered on well put together courses which include detailed, engaging content including video and audio guides to go along with written lessons.

Other paid-for platforms with more of a specific development bent include Codecademy and Treehouse, so you are by no means limited to one platform if you find that another suits your learning style more.

Academic resources

A whole legion of higher education institutes from around the world not only provide learning resources to full time students, but also to anyone else who wants to take advantage of them, so a quick search for courses is always worthwhile.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, has an impressive Open Courseware platform that has plenty of different courses to consider. There is no need to pay anything to gain access to this information, although if you do want an official certificate to show others that you have completed a given course, you will need to stump up some cash. Coding in Java, Python and C++ are all covered in MIT-approved courses.

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