5 Transportation Businesses You Can Start Even During Covid

Countless industries suffered when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Thankfully, many of these industries have started to recover little by little. Still, many types of businesses are still struggling to come back.

Transportation Businesses You Can Start Even During Covid

Transportation businesses, in particular, can struggle to get back to their former capacity — especially if there are still restrictions in place. Some business owners have had to shift their focus to other types of transportation businesses to cover costs until things start to normalize. Thankfully, there are still many transportation businesses that are viable and can thrive during pandemic times.

If you’re looking to start a transportation business, here are five you can start even during COVID.

Remote Fitness

Although many gyms are starting to open back up and allow gym-goers back in, people are still doing their best to social distance and stay away from crowds. If you’re passionate about fitness, you may be able to turn it into a business. You don’t even need to be a personal trainer, either.

As long as you have the credentials and the experience, you can offer fitness classes to small groups. If you’re into Yoga, Pilates, Barre, or any other type of workout you can take on the road, you might want to consider those. Alternatively, you can offer a mobile gym.

Food Truck

People will always need food, even during a pandemic. If you have some great recipes or a love for food, you can consider starting a food truck business. Food trucks can be quite profitable, especially if you have great-tasting food at affordable prices. The ability to move your food truck around to find great locations is also worth a mention. You can even offer your food truck for hire and cater small events.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Many pet lovers want to make sure their babies ensure to prevent skin issues and potential injuries. However, pet grooming may sometimes take a backseat, especially during a pandemic.

If you know how to groom pets, are willing to get trained, or are willing to hire a knowledgable groomer, a mobile pet grooming business can be quite profitable.

You’ll need a vehicle with the right setup and equipment, of course. You may also need extra insurance coverage apart from your liability insurance.

Mobile Cafe

If coffee is more of your thing, you can look into having a mobile cafe rather than a food truck. People love coffee (and tea), and if you’re able to provide great quality coffee and maybe a pastry or two, you might have a good business on your hand. You can carry some portable seating around with you to give patrons a spot to sit and chill for a bit as they enjoy their coffee, though chances are people will take their coffee to go.

Differentiate yourself by offering a value proposition, such as using recycled packaging or using only ethically sourced ingredients.

On-Demand Tech Support

If you know your way around certain devices, you can offer mobile tech support. You won’t need much equipment or space to maintain and repair gadgets, computers, consoles, smart home systems, and home theater systems. You can offer setup or troubleshooting services too.

Final Thoughts

Transportation-related businesses can still be profitable during COVID. As long as you have the proper permits and licenses, running a mobile business can be enjoyable and fulfilling. And, of course, don’t forget to get the appropriate insurance coverage!