Cooking Up A Storm: Straightforward Tips for Running A Successful Food Truck Business

The food truck craze is going from strength to strength and since 1974, vendors have been wowing their clientele with delicious food, convenience, and budget-friendly food on the go. Today, food truck popularity has multiplied, with an estimated 24,000 food trucks in the US alone. Customers can pick up anything, from handmade wood-fired pizzas to hotdogs and burgers, sweet treats, drinks and seafood specialties – and the best thing? It’s quick, convenient and everything is made fresh to order.

food truck business

So, if you’re wondering if you should get in on this profitable trend and run your own food truck business, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore some straightforward tips for running a successful food truck business.   

Make Payments as Easy as Possible

From a lack of convenience to Covid-19 concerns, people are carrying less cash with them than ever before, which means mobile businesses in particular need to step up their game and update their payment processes to match their customers’ expectations. A smart phone card reader is a simple yet effective addition to your food truck, that not only makes payments easy and straightforward but also reduces the risk of fraud, errors with change and false notes entering your business. Updating your payment approach also means you can get that lunch line moving quicker, and you’ll lose fewer customers who are fed up with waiting.

Market Research is Key

Wondering which type of food truck is right for you? Well, conducting some market research will give you a strong indication of what type of food your potential customers want, what competition you have and if there is already an abundance of a particular type of food truck in your area. You may have your heart set on a BBQ and grill type food truck, but if there are already multiple offerings in the area, then customers won’t exactly flood to yours. Conducting plenty of research will steer you in the right direction.

Understand the Supplies You’ll Need

The size of your food truck and the type of food you’ll be serving will determine what specific pieces of equipment you’ll need. However, there are standard items that every food truck should own, including:

  • Serving dishes/baskets/paper plates
  • Foil and containers
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Fire blankets and extinguishers
  • Cleaning supplies including gloves and masks

Research High-Traffic Areas

No, we don’t mean your nearest highway! Areas of high traffic are referring to a location with a high volume of potential customers. Such as local events, commercial or industrial areas where patrons are looking for lunch, parks and campuses and even beaches and lakes. Keep your finger on the pulse of local events so you’ll know when to expect a big influx of visitors to your local area.

Don’t Neglect Your Social Media Presence

Just like a traditional brick and mortar eatery, you’ll need to work on a strong social media presence so individuals can take a look at your food, read customer reviews and find out where you’ll be located that day. Decide which platforms are right for your business and ensure you’re producing high-quality content that is engaging and informational.

Final Thoughts…

Still interested in running your own food truck? Consider the points above to get your food truck on the road. 

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