Translating Your Brick-And-Mortar Business for the Online World: A Guide

As many brick-and-mortar stores have come to realize this year, you have to be online. You need to be online and even offer digital or remote services to survive through the worst and improve during your best. Your website is more than just a place to find your opening hours or about information. It can be where you can book reservations or sell products. It can be where you can offer online webinars or blogs. There are so many ways you can connect to your customers and improve income streams with a fully realized online website, so use this guide to get started: 

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Offer Unique Online Offerings 

The best way to launch online is not to try to relocate your business online piece by piece. Your online website needs to stand on its own and offer its own set of benefits for customers. Not only will this make your online site more successful, but it also does wonders for your income. Add additional, unique revenue stream opportunities, and you can improve the sustainability of your business through good times and bad. 

Just a few ways you can offer unique offerings for your digital customers include: 

  1. Online Courses 

Online courses can be done live, or it could be a series of detailed videos from your resident expert that customers can pay a small amount to access. Videos, in particular, are great for your business, as they offer a passive income opportunity to boost your overall profits. 

  1. Subscription Boxes 

All types of businesses have found success with the subscription box method. By just pricing items slightly lower than they would be per item, you can convince your customers to provide you with repeat business again and again. It is a great way to increase the consistent income coming into your store, and a fun way for your customers to try new things. 

Ensure Your Website Works Perfectly 

A great website that allows you to increase your income streams is not one you can throw together in an afternoon. If you don’t have web design experience, then you will want to work with a digital marketing company that can help you with everything from digital strategies to website creation like this Miami agency. You need your ecommerce site to look great, reflect your brand, and seamlessly allow you to expand your business online. 

Community Building Efforts You Can Do Online 

Brick-and-mortar stores today are more than just places to buy things. They are also community hubs. So, how do you go about translating this community element online? You go to social media. Collaborate with others in your community to offer unique digital experiences, or just host an interactive community so people can make friends online and enjoy nights-in hosted by you. 

Pubs have hosted online quiz nights through the live feature on social media, other brands host free classes. These sorts of activities are perfect for building up an online, thriving community.

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