Top Health & Safety Tips for Moving Your Business Into a New Office

Moving into a new office space can be exciting and a fresh start for your business, but it can also be quite an undertaking with many aspects to consider. One of the most important aspects which should not be overlooked is health and safety – read on for a few tips to ensure that health and safety is a priority from day one.

Building Properly Surveyed

Making sure that the property has been properly surveyed is obviously one of the best steps to take to ensure health and safety for everyone in the building so this should always be a priority.

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Checking for Asbestos

The threat of asbestos remains very serious in the UK so you should always have the building checked for asbestos. This is obviously a huge health hazard and failure to identify asbestos before moving in could also lead to costly asbestos claims for your business to handle. 

Plan IT Infrastructure and Cabling

Planning the IT infrastructure and cabling is important not only from a logistical point of view but also from a health and safety standpoint. IT cables and wires are a huge trip hazard in today’s day and age so you need an intelligent layout that will mitigate this risk.

Alarms & Fire Safety

You also need to make sure that you have fire alarms and safety equipment in place from the very start. You also need to devise a fire safety procedure and let staff know what this is from day one so that people will know exactly where they need to go in case of fire.

First Aid Kit

You must also have a fully stocked first-aid kit easily available in the new office from the very start in case any kind of accident or injury were to happen – this could even happen while moving equipment into the new office.

Consider New Equipment

Moving into a new office space could be a good opportunity to invest in new ergonomic equipment. This could also make the move easier and more affordable, plus you could even sell the old chairs and other equipment to raise funds.

These are a few key health and safety tips to keep in mind when moving your business into a new office space. There is a lot to plan for when moving offices, but health and safety needs to be top of the list to ensure that everyone is safe and protected from the very start.

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