Top 7 Remote Team Tools Every Business Needs to Succeed!

Remote work has revolutionized business operations and team collaboration, allowing professionals to work from anywhere. Equipping businesses with the right tools for effective remote collaboration becomes crucial as this trend gains momentum.

A staggering 90% of employers confirm that working remotely has not impacted their productivity. 

Remote working has evolved from a short solution to a preferred one, with benefits like flexibility, increased productivity and cost savings. As a result, to prosper in this environment, remote teams need strong remote team tools that enable seamless communication, efficient project management, and improved collaboration.

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In this article, I will help you know seven essential remote team tools that empower businesses to succeed in the remote work realm. These carefully selected tools address the specific needs of remote teams, enabling seamless communication, secure file sharing, efficient project management, and collaborative work. Whether you’re a small startup or a large business, these tools will help your remote team succeed and accomplish amazing results.

This article is for you if you’re a business leader, manager, or team member navigating the remote work landscape. Discover how these top remote team tools can overcome distance challenges, foster team culture, and drive your business toward unprecedented success.

Join me as I explore how to work and collaborate digitally. Stay tuned for our exploration of the top seven remote team tools every business needs to succeed:

1. Communication and collaboration tools- Slack

First on my list is Slack. It is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that makes your workflow a breeze. Moreover, it seamlessly connects and engages with your team in real-time, enabling instant messaging and collaboration like never before. 

Stay in sync with your colleagues, effortlessly share files, and have productive discussions in one centralized platform. Say goodbye to scattered email threads and hello to streamlined teamwork. Boost productivity, foster creativity, and create a culture of efficient collaboration with Slack. It’s the ultimate solution for modern, agile work environments.

2. Project management tools- ProofHub 

ProofHub is an all-in-one modern project management and team collaboration tool that brings everything together, giving you a clear overview of your projects and empowering your team to work collaboratively and efficiently. With ProofHub, you can effortlessly assign tasks, set deadlines, and keep track of progress, all in one centralized platform.

With functions like real-time chat, discussions, documents sharing, time tracking, as well as customizable workflows, ProofHub streamlines everything from inititating a project to its completion and helps teams work together seamlessly. Its user-friendly user interface and comprehensive features make it a best option for reliable project administration on remote settings. 

3) Document and File Sharing Tools- Google Drive

Google Drive is your trusty assistant, providing a robust cloud storage platform for effortless file storage, management, and collaboration. It simplifies your workflow with version control, allowing you to track new changes and reply to previous versions effortlessly.

It also provides commenting features, facilitating seamless collaboration and feedback. Google Drive also lets you share access permissions to ensure secure file sharing. If you are using this tool, you’ll enjoy its streamlined and efficient collaborative experience.

4) Time tracking and productivity tools- Toggl 

Toggl is a powerful software that helps you track time, generate reports, and monitor your activities. With Toggl, you can easily log the time spent on different tasks, ensuring accurate billing and efficient project management. Moreover, Toggl gives you valuable insights, making it easier to analyze and optimize your workflow. By tracking your activities, Toggl ensures you stay productive and accountable.

5) Video conferencing tools-  Zoom

Zoom is another incredible communication tool allowing you to have virtual group meetings with other team members. The tool lets you share your computer screen to show presentations or guide a new office joiner.

Video recording is another cool feature of Zoom, helping you review your video meeting. Moreover, you can create a small custom discussion group. All in all, Zoom is a user-friendly and convenient tool for managing remote teams. 

6) Customer feedback and survey platform tools – Zonka Feedback

ZonkaFeedback is an effective conversational tool to assist you in gathering and analyzing client feedback. With Zonka, you can quickly engage with your customers, comprehend their demands, and enhance your business. It empowers you to develop surveys, accumulate feedback, and gain beneficial understandings for your customer.

The tool is a game-changer for companies like yours, enabling you to connect with your customers more deeply and make data-driven choices. It’s a must-have tool to boost your consumer experience!

7) Rewards and recognition software- Bonusly

Last but not least, Bonusly. This is an awesome Rewards and Recognition Software. With the functionality of this tool, you can reward and recognize your staff members to motivate them. It’s an easy-to-use platform that aids you in creating a positive and motivating work environment. You can surely try Bonusly to positively impact your remote team, helping boost motivation and engagement.


The top 7 remote team tools discussed are crucial for successful collaboration in today’s remote work environment. These tools create a smooth virtual workspace, enabling effective communication, task management, and team coordination. Businesses can overcome distance challenges and build a cohesive and productive remote team using these tools.

I strongly recommend all businesses adopt and integrate these essential tools into their remote work strategies. These tools have all the required features, like video conferencing, project management capabilities, and team collaboration functionality. These tools empower your remote team to work seamlessly together, overcoming geographical barriers and achieving remarkable results in the virtual realm.

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