Top 7 Biggest Disruptors of the Year 2021

We may have spoiled the ‘winner; before, but Covid-19’s title should really be nothing surprising for anyone, even people who are not interested in how the finances work.

disruptors for the investment banking

So, we’re presenting our top 7 (subjective) ranking of the biggest disruptors of 2021.

1. Covid-19, Lockdowns, and the vaccine rollout;

2. ESGs (Environmental, Social, and Governance), United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals);

3. Wallstreetbets;

4. The Bitcoin rollercoaster;

5. Brexit and the consequences for the City of London;

6. Lex Greensill controversy, and Credit Suisse’s role in it;

7. Archegos leverage, and the persona of Bill Hwang.

Honorable mentions

There are also some disruptors (as the 2021 has been really fruitful in those), that did not make it to the top 7, but are still interesting or important enough that they need to be mentioned here.

Honorable mentions:

1. Elon Musk (who apparently has the power to make money out of everything);

2. Tesla (which had a little crisis in the beginning of the year);

3. Elizabeth Warren (who fiercely defended her statements while investigating Robinhood and its CEO, Vlad Tenev);

4 Mario Draghi and/or Cathie Wood (as they both could become even bigger disruptors in the future);

5 Inflation, which appears as we’re exiting Covid-19.

If you’re interested in reading the full story, you should definitely visit the Disruption Banking page, where you’ll find a full and comprehensive analysis and context of each and every single event that made it to the ranking. We’re well aware that not every one of them was spoken about widely in the media, so probably the fascinating and in-depth Andy Samu piece will become a source of new and curious information.

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