Top 6 Applications That Will Help You Save Your Time

Holidays are coming to an end and it is time to return to daily activities. Unfortunately, after a hot summer, optimum time management can be a challenge. We present an overview of the six applications should come to an aid in this case.

  1. TimeCamp

This one may prove to be helpful, especially while we are at work. TimeCamp offers automatic time tracking of our computer activities, providing meticulously crafted graphs for the user to analyze the time spent on particular tasks. Thanks to it we can forecast the time and costs of our future project, therefore we make our work more efficient. Once we see how much time is being wasted on various distractions, we are going to treat it more respectfully. This is basic math – the faster we finish our tasks, the more free time will be left for ourselves to make use of. For additional motivation, regular employees must consider the fact, that their boss will have an insight into their working history!


  1. Cold Turkey

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Pinterest are just some examples of the websites that are detracting our attention from work and other duties every day. Unfortunately, even when we do not have time for this, often we yield to the temptation to visit them, which results in unfinished tasks at work more regularly than we would like (and admit, when it comes to procrastination, we even tend to lie to ourselves.) Application Cold Turkey was created for those who, despite their good intentions, do not have enough willpower to stop visiting the distracting websites. This software can be set to block the addresses of our selection at specified times of the day.

cold turkey

  1. Humin

Making contacts with the right people is of great importance for our well-being, especially in the case of being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, the more people we get to know the less details and circumstances from our first meeting stays in our head. Application called Humin may offer a solution to this problem – it analyzes data from our phone book, Facebook profile and LinkedIn, and specifies the time, place and context in which these meetings were established. What’s more, the software can determine who of the people on our contact list are of utmost importance to us. The application is available in the AppStore.


  1. Pocket

Coming back to reality after a well-deserved night of sleep is often associated with a lack of time and focus to read everything that interests us during our morning review of news websites. Pocket, which is one of the oldest and most well-known applications of this kind, may offer a solution to this problem. This software enables us to keep all the interesting articles for later –until the moment when we will be able to devote some attention to them. It is going to work even without an access to the Internet! What is interesting, Pocket, which is integrated with over three hundred applications, including Twitter, automatically synchronizes data between all devices on which it is installed.


  1. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular tools for task management. What distinguishes it from the other similar programs is the fact that Trello does not have specialization in any field. As a result, by using it we can plan our working day or business event, but also coordinate online advertising campaigns, catalog compiled files or organize the process of recruiting new employees. You could say that Trello has got the build of a casket – on the tool’s “surface” we see tables for individual projects to which we can add multiple users. On these tables are the lists of tasks that allow you to create tabs, which also can be assigned to specific users – not necessarily to all who have the access to the entire array. What’s important, we have the possibility to add descriptions to specific tasks, as well as write comments, create checklists or specify the deadline for their implementation. The downside of the tool may be that in order to use it effectively, we shall need a couple of hours to get familiar with all functionalities.


  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist application is a good solution for all To-Do lists sympathizers who make use of multiple devices on the daily basis. Because this software is available on almost every platform, the access to our to-do lists is very simple. In addition to basic functionalities, such as marking our most important tasks with a star, creating multiple lists at the same time, and add duties via e-mail. The application also offers group work options. In the free version of this software up to 25 people may be assigned to a list. Furthermore, we can add notes to our tasks and run conversation about them.As for the lists, we can sort them or add to them pictures or PDF files. The downside of the application may be that we can only display one list at the time. Wunderlist was purchased by Microsoft in 2015.


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