Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Tips and 3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid


Search engine marketing (SEM) can prove to be one of the most effective and reliable tools if you want to increase the accessibility of your website. SEM can bring customers to your site by establishing a strong web presence of your site and ranking it high in search engines. If you are unfamiliar with different SEM techniques and do not know how to implement them, I advise you to take help from internet marketing professionals such as Tim Schmidt Author. I am doing my part and offering you top 5 search engine marketing tips that can help you succeed online.

Understand Your Customers

Understanding who your customers are and what they prefer is the most important aspect of marketing. If you know your customer’s requirements, you can target keywords that are popular among them and come up with customized marketing strategies catering to their needs.

Use the Right Keywords

Target keywords that are both popular and relevant to your niche. Use keyword search tools such as the Google keyword tool. Go after keywords that define your business and try to use specific phrases. Additionally, find out keywords that people are typing in Google Search to find a certain product or service. Optimize your content for that to get organic traffic.

Use Social Media

You can effectively use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter for marketing. Joining a social network allows you to interact with your customers more often and increase your customer base.

Start a Blog

This is somewhat similar to using social media. However, when you start a blog, it is exclusively for your own website/business. A blog lends credibility to your business if you maintain it over time and promote valuable discussions on it.

Add Testimonials

Adding testimonials to your website would make a big difference in your profits. People are more likely to make a decision in your favor if they know that your products/services have already been tested by others before them.

While you look to follow these tips, please make sure you do not make the following

3 common mistakes in your search engine marketing campaign.

1. Using highly competitive keywords

In every industry, there are certain relevant keywords, and obviously, they are very competitive. Such keywords will need higher bids and may result in higher acquisition costs. I advise you to target your niche and use unique and relevant keywords to avoid high competition. 

2. Landing pages that complicate the visitor’s experience

If it takes actual effort on the visitor’s part to decide whether your landing page gives them what they have been searching for, it is very much likely that they will not visit the page again and go for a competitor’s service. To avoid that from happening, you should work on making the landing page experience smoother.

3. Avoiding keyword negatives

If your campaigns make use of broad match keywords, it is quite probable that you will be matched and served to keywords not suited to your product or service. I recommend you carry out regular campaign optimization by running search query reports. Properly utilizing keyword negatives optimizes the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

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