Top 5 Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud

cloud businessTechnology has advanced over the years where having a dedicated network infrastructure has nearly become obsolete. Much of what is done to administrate, organize, and monitor a network system have gone completely virtual. With remote connection possibilities and Internet based networking, many of the services in which a company needs to sustain can be offered using the cloud and outsourcing local technical support. These resources have proven to be as effective, if not more as having dedicated services on site.

5 – Reliability
Cloud based storage and data systems are often housed in huge centers. In these centers, highly skilled technicians work around the clock to maintain and administrate the internal network. System wide backups occur daily while personal systems are backed up as the needs of the company permit. Cloud based services run practically autonomously and allows for businesses to operate without worry. Staffed technicians keep track of software licensing and hardware upgrades of the system leaving the responsibility on the cloud service rather than the company itself.

4 – Connection
Using broadband technologies and state of the art connections, cloud-based services are lightning fast and provide for a solid and clear connection at all times. This connection is enabled and unseen from the user’s perspective. When the users turn on their computer they will connect using the same Internet technologies as would a dedicated network system. Many cloud based programs are even web-based. Users connect to the tools that they need to work by using an Internet browser that they are well familiar with.

3 – Portability
With technologies like tablets and laptops as part of the tools that are being used to get the job done, making the office portable inspires productivity. Users can often access cloud based systems using their own secure connection from within the office, at home, or on-the-go. The interfaces used do not change and this allows workers to conduct business as needed without being tethered to their desktops.

2 – Scalability
One of the greatest aspects of cloud based technology is that it is completely scalable. As the company grows, so does the infrastructure of the virtual network that is being connected to. Cloud centers have the space, staff, security, and resources available to expand and condense the amount of usage allotted that a company needs. This is done simply by making a few changes that are nearly undetectable. Adding users, storage space, and connectivity levels can be adjusted as needed to suit the needs of the company.

1 – Cost Effective
Having dedicated services require a large amount of overhead. This overhead is costly in personnel, equipment, and the overall degradation of use. Simply put, network systems need to be installed, monitored, and updated frequently. Aside from the personnel costs involved with hiring an IT staff, software and network hardware technology is costly. With these technologies growing exponentially, these costs become frequent. Using cloud based technology and locally outsourced personnel usually just requires a subscription fee of service. This subscription is often much less expensive than dedicated resources.

By dealing in bulk operations, cloud based service centers allow clients the flexibility of use while providing a low substantial cost. This is a true case of less being more. The wave of information technology is leaning towards cloud based resources as it proves to be driving force in business operations.

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